Academic Reports

Report Cards and Reporting Periods

Evaluation of the students' progress by the teachers is very important in the academic development of each student. Parents and guardians are kept well informed of their child’s progress.

Once a month, the teaching faculty meets and reviews each student's progress. The subject teachers record a mark and effort rating. At this time comments of praise or concern expressed by the subject teachers are discussed. For each monthly reporting period, academic reports are made available to the parents online (please click on the link above to login).

Detailed reports including marks, learning skills development and effort ratings are provided for each subject along with residence life and advisor reports. The academic mentor shares this report with the student and a copy is mailed home to the parents. If required, a strategy plan will be developed and tutorial appointments will be made in specific subject areas.

We believe that the regular tracking of academic progress and open discussion encourages the student to develop a self-reliant approach to his/her education. This program of evaluating the students' progress, combined with mentoring and supervised study, is very successful in encouraging students to approach their studies with pride and consistency.

Advisor System

Each student is assigned to an advisor, who monitors the student's academic, social and co-curricular progress, and reports to the parents. Students meet with their advisors weekly and often daily . The advisor communicates regularly with parents and notifies them when there are concerns about their child’s progress, or when there are achievements to celebrate.

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