Language Testing

Secondary Level English Proficiency (SLEP) Test

Our students’ level of English language is evaluated through the SLEP test.

The SLEP test is a measure of English language ability for non-native speakers in two primary areas: listening comprehension and reading comprehension. The SLEP test is used predominantly by secondary schools, Boarding Schools and International Public High School Programs for assessing admission.

Reading Comprehension 
Reading comprehension passages are narrative or descriptive and are drawn from the fields of humanities, social studies, and science. This section measures the student's ability to assimilate what is read and asks the test taker to recognise central ideas, draw inferences, determine the meaning of vocabulary words in context, and apply information.

Quantitative Skills
 The Quantitative portion measures understanding of mathematical concepts, computation, routine mathematical manipulations and problem-solving as well as recall of factual knowledge. The questions measure different levels of understanding and vary in difficulty.

Verbal Skills 
The Verbal section is composed of synonym questions measuring verbal aptitude and analogy questions measuring the ability to identify logical relationships between concepts.

Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB) Test

The MELAB is a standardized test, created at the University of Michigan, which evaluates proficiency in understanding, writing and speaking the English language. To help students with their admission requirements to boarding schools, Fulford Academy has become a test center for MELAB, which can be taken instead of the TOEFL or IELTS. Additionally, Fulford Academy offers a MELAB prep course to help students prepare for the test.

To learn more about MELAB, please click here.

Test Overview:

The MELAB is a paper-based test, which measures four language skills: writing, listening, reading, and speaking (please note that Fulford test center does not administer the oral exam). The exam is approximately 3 ½ hours long (including registration). The exam is made up of the following parts:

Part 1: a written composition/essay (30 minutes)

Part 2: a listening comprehension test (30 minutes)

Part 3: a multiple-choice test containing grammar, cloze, vocabulary, and reading comprehension problems (75 minutes)

There is a 15-minute break between each part.

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