Parent Testimonials

Mrs. Matsuda, mother of a former student (Japan)

My inquiry became a fateful encounter with Suzan Kendall, the founder of Fulford Academy. I was very impressed by her passion and it turns out successful youngsters. It’s proven by my son who joined Fulford Academy in September 2010 with almost no conversational proficiency in English, then after two years of study, he was accepted by one the of prestigious Canadian boarding schools. I am very proud of what he has accomplished. He overcame many challenges in unfamiliar environment besides academic course work. I am so sure that this result cannot be achieved without efficient ESL program, trustful relationships to influence, lead and care students by people at Fulford Academy. Fulford Academy provides international but very private educational environment which cultivates humanity through tie friendship. Fulford Academy also offers remarkable parents-focused services. It was the right decision to choose Fulford Academy and I am more than happy to be a spokesman for prospective parents and students in Japan to share my experiences.

Mrs. Brecht, mother of two current students (Germany)

Fulford Academy is small and has both a family atmosphere and caring staff. Due to the nurturing family environment, daily support from the teachers as well as staff, and 24/7 supervision, including great activities on the weekends, our sons were set up for success. We loved to see how respectfully teachers and students communicate and live together. Our sons have made international friends, learned about different cultures and are immersed in Canadian life. Our thanks goes out to all the employees of Fulford Academy who have done an amazing job: caring, teaching students, investing a lot of time not only for the academic success, but also helping them to grow and to find their own personal path.

Mr. Fung, father of a former student (Hong Kong)

Fulford helped Haymund a lot. We have observed very obvious improvements in his language capabilities, and also we have found that my son could live a very independent life living in the residence. We believe this environment would be good for many kids in Haymund’s similar situation. I definitely recommend Fulford to other parents. It offers a unique curriculum where international students can fit into the community and culture with a lot of ease. The staff members are very helpful, the environment is good for learning, and it can be very beneficial for students who are new to the Canadian environment and culture.

Ms. Song, aunt of a current student (China)

From a parent's perspective, I would say, "I am really happy that I chose Fulford for Kevin. He started from a beginner. He has improved a lot through the teachers' encouragement and help. As a result, Kevin has accomplished his goal and received two offers, one of which is his favorite. For him, it is really like a dream come true. Having spent two years at Fulford, he can now move on to the next stage with lots of confidence. I really appreciated your help and Fulford indeed changed his life."

Mr. Bonkian, father of former student (Burkino Faso)

I can say that Fulford Academy is not just a school. It is a place where children can find many other opportunities for their life.
I could not have imagined that my son will make friends from all over the world. Thanks a lot to you all for your contribution.

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