Partner Testimonials

Mr. Matt Sheridan-Jonah, Executive Director, Admissions;
Appleby College
(Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

"Fulford Academy is a great resource for Appleby College and our diverse student body. When we have a student that needs extra English instruction, or additional course preparation, we are happy to recommend Fulford Academy.

As we have worked together closely for years, we are confident in the quality of personal support and academic instruction that our students receive while at Fulford. Another benefit of studying at Fulford is the opportunity to experience boarding school life, an advantage which helps students prepare for attending Appleby College.

Many Fulford Academy students have continued their studies at Appleby College and we have full confidence in Fulford’s ability to prepare students for our rigorous and exciting boarding school experience."

Mr. Jack Cummings, Associate Headmaster, Admission and Advancement; St. Johnsbury Academy (St. Johnsbury, Vermont, USA)

"Fulford Academy offers a unique and powerful introduction to boarding school life. Suzan Kendall, founder and Associate Head of School, has spent many years working in selective admissions offices at boarding school and University. She established Fulford Academy to meet the needs of international students who needed to simultaneously improve their English language skills and prepare for boarding school and eventually university.  Fulford Academy offers an unparalleled experience for these students.

After many years of collaboration, we have great confidence in the Fulford Academy staff, who prepare students for the academically and personally rigorous experience that they will find at St. Johnsbury Academy.  We are also confident in recommending Fulford Academy to students who will benefit from the very personal approach to language acquisition that only a very small school like Fulford can provide.

I am unaware of any other program that so thoroughly prepares the young English language learner for the academic and personal challenges of boarding school life."


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