Residential Life Program

Our Residential Life Program reflects student life in a traditional boarding school, with a focus on immersing the students in North American culture and the rules and regulations of a boarding school. We help our students to learn about boarding school expectations, including how to handle roommate issues, doing laundry, becoming more independent, and why and how to join sport teams and clubs. Learning how to be an active participant in school activities and volunteering in the local community are an essential part of integrating into a boarding school environment. View our New Dorm brochure (Mandarin version).

Dorm meetings

During our weekly dorm meetings, students have a chance to discuss any domestic issues, come up with new ideas for activities and special events, but also to learn important lessons drawn from our Residential Life Curriculum.

Our Residential Life Curriculum teaches our students many important life skills including: Canadian culture, how to adapt to a new culture, how to make friends, resolving conflict, peer pressure, ways to resists and stop bullying, healthy nutrition, time management, online safety, and much more. Students learn these valuable skills through group discussions in dorm meetings, as well as evening and weekend activities, which involve application of their newly acquired knowledge.

We help our students to clearly recognize both what’s expected of them at boarding schools and how they can get the most out of their experiences.

Weekend activities

Fulford Academy offers students the opportunity to participate in cultural, recreational and sporting events that are offered in Brockville, nearby Ottawa and Kingston, as well as other destinations throughout Ontario and Quebec. On long weekends, we offer optional trips to places like Toronto, Niagara Falls, Montreal and Quebec City. While away, students can participate in activities like sightseeing, skiing, shopping, attending NHL hockey games, and swimming in crystal clears lakes and rivers.

On Campus, students can enjoy their free time with their friends playing games in the common rooms located throughout the school. The Great Hall is an ideal place to watch movies on the big screen, join in on a game of “Risk” or “Monopoly,” or to challenge another student to a game of chess or “Foosball.” The boys’ common room offers ping pong and computer games on the TV. The girls’ common room offers a very cozy environment for watching movies, socializing and  engaging in other fun activities that allow the girls to practice their English together.

Every Sunday, students are engaged in mandatory dorm activities. Some Sundays, the students watch a specific TV Series and then discuss the episodes as a group. This teaches our students the North American culture and helps with listening and speaking English language skills. It is also a great way to get to know each other in a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. On other Sundays, the students take part in house competitions, which consist of various indoor and outdoor games.


Fulford Academy offers a wide variety of Clubs to ensure that students can experience new activities in an English-only environment. Participating in a club teaches students the value of working with others. We have many different types of clubs to ensure that all students will find something that appeals to them. Our clubs change every term.

Examples of Clubs offered are:

  • Skiing Club

  • Gardening Club

  • International Cooking Club

  • Multimedia Club

  • Foosball Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Ping Pong Club

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