Summer School

Our Summer School is very different from the typical summer camp programs.

It is specifically designed for international students who have already received a “Letter of Acceptance” to a boarding school for September or for students considering a boarding experience in the future.

During our intensive summer school, students follow a typical daily boarding school schedule in order to quickly adapt academically, linguistically and culturally into the boarding school routines, thus, gaining the confidence to succeed in an English instructional environment.

The curriculum and structure of the program follow our ESL Foundation Program, where learning the subjects and learning the English language are integrated.

The evenings and weekends are filled with a rich and exciting Residential Life Program, which introduces students to life in a boarding school and to Canadian culture.

Based on language level and needs, students have a choice between being placed in either ESL Preparation or our Academic Credit Program, where students can work towards completing Math/Science and ESL CO/Literacy courses. In order to receive the credits, students must complete the 7-week program to meet the Ministry of Education requirements of 110 credit hours per course (Math and English).

Download a copy of our Summer School booklet and our Summer Program.

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