Tuition and Fees 2017-2018

Fulford Academy tuition and fees vary depending on the program that the prospective student is applying for. Below you will find our brief list of tuition and fees; however, for more detailed information, please download our Financial Handbook.

Tuition and Boarding fees (2017-2018)

Middle School Grades 7/8:

CAD$ 53,200 (full year)

CAD$ 26,800 (1 semester)

High School Credit Grades 9-10:

CAD$ 53,200 (full year)

CAD$ 26,800 (1 semester)

High School Credit Grades 11-12
University Prep

CAD$ 57,200 (full year)

CAD$ 28,800 (1 semester)

ESL Foundation:

CAD$ 53,200 (3 terms)

CAD$ 35,520 (2 terms)

CAD$ 17,790 (1 term)

Summer School (all inclusive) - 2017 & 2018:
Summer School - 3 weeks
Summer School - 4 weeks

CAD$ 10,995 (all inclusive)
CAD$ 4,885 (all inclusive)
CAD$ 6,425 (all inclusive)

Other fees:

Student Account - $2,000 Mandatory
This account is used for: airport transportation (outside of the specific travel dates), damage deposit, optional trips, and other miscellaneous charges.

Personal Allowance - $600 Optional (only for student age 12 and younger)
Distributed to students weekly, $25-50 per week.

Note: textbooks, workbooks, medical insurance, initial school supplies, school tie and
cardigan, and transportation on official travel dates are included in the fees.

For payments by credit card up to $2000, please use our preferred method of payment:


Our transportation services are free of charge on the announced arrival and departure dates. Please refer to our Information Package for more information.

If a student is arriving outside of our announced dates, then below are the costs for our transportation services: 

to Ottawa (one hour away)                        $170
to Montreal (two hours away)                    $310

to Toronto (four hours away)                      $540

Special Requests:

If residence rooms are available, we are always pleased to accommodate early or late stays at the school. We also welcome our alumni to visit us any time during the year. Below are the costs for any extra stays at the school:

Academic days $230 (per day, includes room, board and instruction; taxes are included)
“Homestay” at Fulford $115 (per day, includes room and board only; taxes are included)

We accept tuition payments by various methods:

  • Our preferred method of payment is through:

Other payment options include:

  • cheque (to Fulford Academy)
  • money order
  • bank transfer OR

Please note that all the fees are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions team:

Admissions Office
Fulford Academy

280 King Street East

Brockville, Ontario

Canada K6V 1E2

Tel:  1 (613) 341-9330
Fax: 1 (613) 341-9344

Connect With Us:

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