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Fulford Academy 2018 Graduating Class Photo

On Friday June 22, 2018 Fulford Academy celebrated the accomplishments and success of our Class of 2018 at our Graduation & Awards Ceremony.


The sun was shining, the students were beaming and the staff were so proud – it was the perfect day, in the most fitting venue at Thousand Islands Village, to recognize a very impressive group of students.

Fulford Academy 2018 Grad - JT Hudson

Yoshiyuki Yonemushi of Japan addressed the Class of 2018 as a representative from the Prefects with his take on his time at Fulford Academy and how this leadership opportunity shaped his experience:


“I was able to achieve my goal of helping other people. As a prefect, I was given a great responsibility. Showing kindness and respect as a prefect was worth it. I believe one of the most amazing things about Fulford Academy is the people. I’ve made many friends from all of the world. I learned international experience that I never could have had at home. We all have different ways of thinking and I had a wonderful way of learning and seeing the world”.

Fulford Academy 2018 Grad - Prefect Speaker Yoshi Yonemshi

Yoshi’s positive message of friendship was reinforced when Grade 8 graduate Rafael Esteban Estrada Maqueo of Mexico gave his speech on behalf of the Grade 8 Class:


“Adapting for me was very easy because I found out that ever person I shared my space with was very special in their own way. One of the most important advice I got was to think positive even in the toughest times. My classmates were my family for the year. This experience is going to leave a mark on me as a person. It’s something few people get to experience and it’s an unforgettable opportunity to learn about life.”

Fulford Academy 2018 Grad - Grade 8 Speaker Rafael Estrada Maqueo

The ceremony recognized individual students within each class that was offered at Fulford Academy throughout the year. The grade 8 students received their certificates, JT earned his Diploma, and then a special presentation was made to Canadian Aid for Chernobyl with the results of our May Fundraising Campaign.  A cheque for $2500 was presented to Dave Shaw of CAC, who spoke to the audience and informed all of us that these funds would be used to build two new water wells in Belarus and will provide several families with running water who currently do not have such a resource.


Fulford Academy was honoured to have Roya Shams as our 2018 Guest Speaker to address the entire class.

Roya Shams is an activist for women’s rights and girls’ education.

Born in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Roya’s progressive views were shaped by her father, a police officer who insisted that his daughters be as well educated as his sons. After her father was killed by the Taliban in 2011, Roya, then 16, came to Canada to study at Ottawa’s Ashbury College with the help of Toronto Star and its readers. Roya attended Fulford Academy in 2012 to improve her English language skills. Her message emphasising the importance of education was inspiring:

“Our differences are our strengths. If you want to see a difference in the world, educate the young. Girls, boys, despite their background, everyone deserves an education. There is always a light in the dark tunnel. Look for it. Build a community that you want to live in!”


When it was time to recognize our House System accomplishments, it was no surprise when Fraser House was named House of the Year!  The students below were recognized as the leaders of their respective houses:


  • Beatty House: Atsushi
  • Clarence House: Jerry D.
  • Fraser House: Jerry S
  • Green House: Anthony
  • Jones House: Rafael
  • Williams House: Arturo
Fulford Academy 2018 Grad - House of the Year Fraser House
Fulford Academy 2018 Grad - House Leaders

Each year, Fulford Academy awards 6 students with prestigious recognition, each award reflects a different aspect of private/boarding school education. From academics to residential and student life, the following 6 awards were proudly presented to very deserving students:

The Faculty Award (nominated by faculty)

The Faculty Award at Fulford Academy is presented to the student who has shown the greatest enthusiasm and ongoing commitment towards their academic studies while at Fulford Academy. The award goes to the student who is always eager and ready to learn and who has shown consistent improvement.

The Faculty Award for 2018 was given to: Wenxi Kelly Dong

The Williams Award (nominated by ResLife)

The Williams Awards at Fulford Academy is presented to the student who through all aspects of their life at the Academy best demonstrates the values of integrity, fairness and respect. The recipient is the student who most values and consistently shows respect for the Academy community. The recipient will also be seen as fair and honest in their dealings with their peers and the staff, and must demonstrate integrity in their decisions and in their school life.

The Williams Award for 2018 was given to: Jinhwan Jin So

Armstrong Award (nominated by faculty)

The Armstrong Award is awarded to the student who has shown the largest amount of academic growth over the course of the school year. While this student has improved in all aspects of their life, it is their dedication and commitment to academic improvement that has set them apart.

The E. Armstrong Award for 2018 was given to: Xueno Jo-Jo Qiao

The Kendall Cup (nominated by ResLife)

The Kendall Cup is presented to the student who has shown consistent leadership and house spirit in residential life. The recipient should be one who was willing to take charge of a situation and show others how to accomplish the task at hand; someone who participates in all aspects of Fulford Academy living; who has enthusiasm for the experiences of Fulford community living; and has contributed greatly to the residential spirit of the school.

The Kendall Cup for 2018 was given to:  Arturo Lopez Ochoa

Student Award

This award will be given to a Fulford Academy student through a vote of their peers. The student receiving this award has been an exceptional all around student and is seen by their peers as a person that has been supportive of others throughout their stay, has shown leadership and has gone out of their way to make others feel welcome at Fulford Academy.

The Student Award for 2018 was presented to:  Atsushi Hamano

The Fulford Cup (nominated by Head of School, Assistant Head and Dean of Students)

The Fulford Cup is awarded to the student that best exemplifies what a successful Fulford Academy student is. This student has dedicated their lives to being excellent in their studies, to being the best citizen and friend that they can be, and to being a leader in the Fulford community.

The Fulford Cup for 2018 was given to:  Damo Jerry Shi

Fulford Academy Faculty Award - Wenxi Kelly Dong
Fulford Academy The Williams Award - Jinhwan Jin S
Fulford Academy The E. Armstrong Award - Xueno Jo-Jo Qiao
Fulford Academy The Kendall Cup - Arturo Lopez Ochoa
Fulford Academy The Student Award - Atsushi Hamano
The Fulford Cup - Damo Jerry Shi Fulford Academy

All of us at Fulford Academy sincerely congratulate our Class of 2018 – it has been a pleasure seeing all of our students grow throughout this past year.  In the words of Dr. Steel, “exercise courage respect and wisdom as you take your next steps. You will be a global citizen. Use your talents wisely you have many, and make a difference for others.” Good luck to each and every one of you, we look forward to seeing how your future unfolds.

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