3 Ways Our Online Education Program Keeps Students Motivated

Students in grades 6-12 at Fulford Academy have the opportunity to learn through an online format equipped with engaging, interactive, and comprehensive courses. Students who choose the online option benefit from the flexibility it affords them, whether they are busy with sports, additional academics, or other personal areas of development. 

At Fulford Academy, students receive the education they need to nurture their academic skills and challenge themselves to reach their full potential. Founded on the three values of Courage, Respect, and Wisdom, Fulford Academy prioritizes student success in our ever-changing world no matter what their paths may bring. With an emphasis on these core values, students approach their studies with a unique lens that helps them understand the value and originality that they bring to the world, helping them succeed in a global learning environment. Continue reading to discover how our online education program keeps students motivated to continue to reach their goals.

1. Benefit From an Asynchronous Learning Model

The asynchronous learning model found at Fulford Academy gives students the flexibility of completing their courses on their own time from their own homes. With convenience and flexibility as a top priority, the asynchronous learning model grants students access to a dynamic learning environment when it makes sense for them. The ability to dive into their studies when it best suits their schedules helps students stay motivated, knowing that they have the freedom to work on their education as their schedule allows. This level of accountability, responsibility, and independence over their own learning helps students feel like they are in control of their futures and gives them the motivation they need to continue working hard and trying their best. 

Asynchronous learning motivates students to get work done when it best fits their schedule.

2. Experience Personalized Instruction in Our Online Education Program

Although students in this program receive their instruction online, personalization is still a major asset to this program’s delivery. Students receive one-on-one individualized support from their competent and certified instructors, who do everything in their power to help students succeed. Working with students, meeting them where they are, and challenging them to apply themselves while adopting new ideas and ways of thinking help students perform their best. 

Students from all around the world tune into the Fulford Academy’s online education program to achieve their academic goals. Instructor-generated videos and face-to-face feedback from instructors help students get the curated and personalized learning experience that they need to feel optimally supported. Fulford Academy instructors stay engaged and connected with each student through Google technology, making communication as seamless as possible.

Students receive personalized feedback through video messages from their instructors.

3. Enjoy an Interactive Learning Experience

While the program is asynchronous, as explained above, students completing online college prep with Fulford Academy still benefit from an interactive experience. Our instructors are experts at delivering content in a fun and engaging way and utilize discussion boards, weekly assignments, occasional live-streamed lessons, and additional digital learning tools to help keep students motivated. We combine the best parts of a traditional classroom, full of collaboration and creativity, with the flexibility and convenience of online learning. This way, students remain excited to log on and complete their exercises when they have the time in their schedule throughout the week. Keeping academics fun and relevant helps students maintain interest as they complete their studies on their way toward higher education.

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3 Ways Our Online Education Program Keeps Students Motivated

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