5 Reasons to Consider a Dual High School Diploma at Our Private School in Ontario

In today’s globalized world, there shouldn’t be limits for students on what’s possible to achieve upon graduating from secondary school. If you’re potentially interested in pursuing higher education in Canada or away from home after high school, the Dual High School Diploma program at Fulford Academy is a great opportunity. As a student who’s already dedicated to their academics and is eager to pursue their interests, a Dual High School Diploma will make it easier for you to achieve your goals, allowing you to earn both an Ontario Secondary School Diploma and a high school diploma from your home country. 

The Dual High School Diploma program is not only flexible, as students can participate online or in person, but it’s also a great way to gain recognition from universities, hone your academic skills, and demonstrate initiative. Below, discover five reasons why you should consider earning a Dual High School Diploma from Fulford Academy in Ontario, Canada as an international student.

1. Earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

An Ontario Secondary School Diploma, otherwise known as an OSSD, is an important certificate to earn, putting international students at a great advantage in pursuing their post-graduate studies. The OSSD demonstrates completion of credits in Math, English, Science, Canadian History and more, plus 40 hours of local community service. The OSSD is necessary for acceptance to university and college programs in Ontario and Canada, proving a student’s ability to succeed academically at the next level. If you’re interested in attending university in Canada, the Dual High School diploma program at our boarding preparatory schoolcould be a great way to obtain the certification you need.

With the OSSD, you’ll be considered for admission to Canadian universities after boarding preparatory school

2. A Flexible Learning Environment

The Dual High School program offers international students around the world a unique opportunity – to earn both a diploma from their home country and an OSSD from wherever they’re located. Students are able to complete the program entirely online if they choose, without sacrificing the level of support they’ll receive. While completing their courses, students will be able to contact teachers and staff with any questions or concerns and may take either live lessons or Google Classroom courses.

3. Stand Out on University Applications

Gaining a competitive edge against other applicants can be difficult, but by completing the Dual High School diploma program, you’ll increase your chances of standing out. At our private school in Ontario, students are able to demonstrate their academic skills and unique perspective through participation in the Dual High School diploma program. The program offers a range of rigorous academic courses and allows students to demonstrate their commitment to learning by earning two different diplomas, an achievement that universities will recognize.

Gain a competitive edge when applying to colleges and universities

4. Prepare for Your Future Career with Specializations

For students who already have an idea of the career path they’d like to pursue after high school, the Dual High School Diploma program is a great fit. The program contains two different streams of study, either Math/Science or Social Sciences, allowing students to further refine their interests and explore subjects they’re passionate about while they earn their diplomas. Upon completing the program, students will have built a strong foundation of knowledge in a subject they’ll continue studying in university.

5. Experience Attending a Private School in Ontario

If you’re ready to experience attending school in Ontario, the Dual High School Diploma program can be completed in person, too. As an international student, you’ll have the option to stay at Fulford Academy’s campus for a summer, experiencing what it’s like to attend a Canadian high school and getting a taste of Canadian culture. 

Whether you complete the program from home or choose to come to Fulford, the Dual High School Diploma program is a great opportunity to build strong academic skills and prepare for a successful post-secondary future.

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5 Reasons to Consider a Dual High School Diploma at Our Private School in Ontario
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