Discover Fulford Academy: a Grade 6-12 Day and Boarding School in Brockville Ontario

Fulford Academy is a coeducational, private day/boarding school located in Brockville, Ontario, Canada; home of the famous 1000 Islands on the majestic St. Lawrence River. Established in 2002, Fulford Academy offers grades 6 to 12, leading to the renowned OSSD - Ontario Secondary School Diploma

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Our standard academic offerings include:

middle school

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Middle School Grades 6-8

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high school

High School Grades 9-12

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Our specialized academic offerings include:

university prep program

University Prep

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summer school program

Summer Programs

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English as a second language program

ESL Prep

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Dual diploma program

Dual High School Diploma Program

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How Fulford Academy Stands Out

Fulford Academy’s unique curriculum includes highly differentiated instruction, intensive language support for students who require it and an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Arts (STEM +A) ensures competitive admission to global educational institutions. In an intercultural environment, we welcome students regionally, nationally and internationally; our students enjoy the privileges of a dynamic academic and residential/student life program enriched with many social and cultural activities, in order to flourish as individuals.

What is STEM+A?

STEM+A is a unique approach to curriculum delivery, our school is on the leading edge of the future of education by offering this method of learning.

Fulford Academy Programs

Fulford Academy offers a wide range of programs for regional day/boarding students and

boarding students from all over the world:

Kindergarten to Grade 5

Regional day students

Middle School (Gr. 6-8)

Regional day students

Boarding Students

High School (Gr. 9-12)

Regional day students

Boarding Students

ESL/University Prep

Boarding Students

Dual High School Diploma

International Students

Summer Program

Regional day students

Boarding Students

Dr. Thomas Steel is the head of Fulford Academy - private school in Brockville Ontario Canada

Head of School Message from Dr. Thomas Steel

Welcome to Fulford Academy, a fully Canadian and truly international school. This website will give you a brief introduction, and while we can show you smiling faces and beautiful facilities, nothing can substitute for being on campus and experiencing first hand the friendly, exciting and vibrant atmosphere of our unique learning community.

We have created an accepting, multicultural, inclusive environment in which respect is a core value. We show respect for each other by daily valuing our many cultures, and indeed each and every individual in the School. Our student-life curriculum draws on a Global Citizenship model, and our responsibility to others is a significant focus.

Fulford Academy’s Commitment and Values

Fulford Academy mission


We strive to provide our students with the necessary linguistic and academic skills to gain success in the Global learning environment. We actively teach adaptation to Canadian cultural values and social norms which cultivates enquiring minds to develop critical thinking ability. Our students will build their sensitivity to local and Global issues through the application of scientific, technological and cultural knowledge to real world issues.

Fulford Academy vision for the future


In our inclusive, nurturing community we are dedicated to the individual success of each student. Fulford Academy’s students will be academically successful, leaders in their future education and careers, as well as active members in the broader community. Our students will be committed to promoting respect for the rights of others. As considerate students, they will be appreciative of human difference and the constructive expression of ideas.

Our commitment is to nurture and challenge our students to reach

their full potential with the intention of embracing our three

core values of Courage, Respect and Wisdom:

Courage is a part of Fulford Academy values


The cultural activities and excursions offered are designed to offer students the opportunity to experience something new and perhaps allow them to step out of their comfort zone. By engaging in activities that they have never done before, students develop a stronger sense of self-confidence and independence

Respect is a part of Fulford Academy values


Through a thoughtful room-placing strategy, we aim to pair students with those from other countries in an attempt to mix cultures and cultivate friendships amongst all students. Living with students who have different cultural norms and values will provide our students with the opportunity to learn and develop a new found respect for each other, preparing them to be successful within the Fulford environment and in all of their future endeavors.

Wisdom is a part of Fulford Academy values


We prepare our students to excel in the next phase of their education by teaching them how to meet the challenges and grasp the opportunities that come with community living. Our Residential Life Program takes full advantage of providing students the opportunity to enhance their English and lifestyle skills through socialization and engagement in local community activities and initiatives.

About the Town of Brockville

Known as the "City of the 1000 Islands", Brockville is located on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River and a short drive from Morristown, New York, about halfway between Ontario's Cornwall to the east and Kingston to the west. It is located 115 kilometres south of the national capital of Ottawa.

It is one of Ontario's oldest European-Canadian communities and is named after the British general Sir Isaac Brock. Brockville has a population of just over 21,000+ people and is a peaceful and idyllic community for young people to learn and grow.

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