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Fulford Academy Programs

Starting in 2017, Fulford Academy is expanding! We now offer programs for grades 7 to 12, and are now accepting both boarding students and regional day students. Fulford Academy was established in 2002, and also includes ESL Prep for our international students and offers 4-week and 7-week summer sessions.

Since our acquisition with BAU Global we will also be expanding our campus and in 2018, we will be accepting students from K-6 and middle school! Sign up for updates as we expand!

Programs to Fit Everyone

Middle School (Gr. 7-8)

Regional day students

Boarding students
Fulford Academy offers Middle School for day and international students

Students in our Middle School program spend much of the day with a dedicated grade teacher who creates a more consistent and sensitive learning environment. For ESL students, our ESL certified teachers provide support in a small classroom environment allowing students to improve their English skills while studying their academic courses.


  • Math
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Art
  • Language Arts

High School (Gr. 9-12)

Regional day students

Boarding students
Fulford Academy offers High School for regional students in Ontario and international students

Fulford Academy’s High School Program is for students who require ESL support in a small classroom environment to earn Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits towards their high school graduation. Our High School Program is ideal for students who have an intermediate to advanced level of English.

To graduate and earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, there are three major requirements a student must meet:

  • Successfully complete all 30 of the specific required credits
  • Successfully complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test
  • Complete 40 hours of community service

Junior School (Gr. 9-10)

Earn academic credits towards the completion of an internationally recognized Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Rigorous academics standards prepare our students for success in university and beyond. Earn academic credits towards the completion of an internationally recognized Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Contact our Admissions Department or call 1-613-341-9330  for complete course offerings and course descriptions.

ESL/University Prep

Boarding students

Our ESL Prep Program is an intensive English immersion program that is taught using grade appropriate Ontario curriculum content. This structure creates the ideal setting for students to improve their English skills through classroom vocabulary and communication. This program prepares our students to succeed in their language development and allows them to transition into an academically challenging North American learning environment. This Program is ideal for students who need to improve their English skills before entering an academic credit program. .The University Prep program is specifically designed for students who have just graduated from high school but need further academic language preparation to be competitive in an English first language institution.

Students in this program acquire strong skills in vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, listening, writing and pronunciation, through studies centered on math, science, social studies and English literature.

Students practice their English language skills and learn more about Canadian culture through projects and activities in class. Our programs embrace a content-rich, high-standards curriculum through which we prepare ESL and University Prep students to become academically successful in their future learning, as well as familiar with the North American culture and social requirements.

Students enrolled in this intensive language program follow the same daily schedule as our Academic Program students, with classes starting at 9:00am and ending at 4:30pm. Our students receive an additional 1.5 hours of supervised study hall (homework period) in the evenings, Sunday to Thursday.

Dual High School Diploma Program

International students
Fulford Academy offers Dual High School Diploma

The Dual Diploma Program offered at Fulford Academy provides high school students the opportunity to obtain their high school diploma in their home country, as well as earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Students attend their regular academic year in their home country completing the courses necessary to earn their high school diploma. Students will then spend 7 weeks of their summers following the completion of Grade 10, 11 and 12 at Fulford Academy. During the summers, they will complete two courses in a chosen stream of education which will allow them to earn the credits necessary to obtain an OSSD. During the regular academic year, Grade 11 students will complete the OLC4U online to fulfill the OSSD Literacy requirement.

This program is ideal for students who:

  • Display strong academic skills as well as high language abilities
  • Want to have a competitive advantage when applying to universities
  • Feel ready for a more mature and independent environment
  • Want to discover specialized programs and future career pathways
  • Wish to embrace the international study experience

The Dual Diploma Program offers students:

  • A highly competitive edge when applying to a university institution
  • Targeted study areas to embrace their unique interests and capabilities
  • Small class sizes accompanied by exceptional support in a hands-on learning environment
  • Access to courses not normally offered at their school
  • An international experience, living, learning and making connections with students from around the world

Math Specialization

Apply to Fulford Academy

Science Specialization

Using technology in our Academic Programming at Fulford Academy

Social Studies/Arts Specialization

Fulford Academy academics includes art classes

Contact our Admissions Department or call 1-613-341-9330 for complete course offerings and course descriptions:

Summer Program

International students

Fulford Academy’s programs provide students, from all over the world, with an environment where they can gain both the academic qualifications and the linguistic ability to be very competitive for admission to North American educational institutions. Fulford Academy’s Summer School is ideal preparation for students who will be entering any academic program in the fall. It is highly recommended that new students who plan to study at Fulford Academy for the following year take part in our Summer Academic Program. Students who choose to stay with us for the summer will have the time and support to adapt and familiarize themselves with Fulford Academy’s values and customs which gives them a great advantage.

English Second Language Academic Program

In our summer program, students will be focusing on getting accustomed to the Canadian classroom, while having language intensive, content based courses. In the academic curriculum classes, the students can expect to cover: Science: Essential, grade specific classroom vocabulary, basic lab skills (researching, completing and presenting lab findings), oral presentation skills, critical thinking skills. Math: Essential, grade specific classroom vocabulary, focuses on word-based problems (dissecting the problem and extracting the needed information). Social Studies (History and Geography): Essential, grade specific classroom vocabulary, basic under-standing of Canada (how we came to be, provinces and territories), academic writing skills, research and oral presentation skills. English: Reading comprehension, decoding for meaning, making inferences and estimating conclusions based on what has been read, either short story, or poetry work, academic writing skills. Test prep: focus on classroom and study skills, pronunciation work and practice, grammar work, standardized test practice (OSSLT, TOEFL, IELTS, SSAT) subject specific help where needed. Physical Education Class: Students will also participate in a daily Phys. Ed. Class where they are taught team-work and will continue to practice their English communication skills. The students in this class are often held responsible for leading stretching, organizing their own teams, and even leading and assisting in teaching large group activities that they are proficient in. Since the summer program is condensed, students need to “hit the ground running” and the teachers and other staff members will be sure to push them to keep them motivated and help them reach their goals.

Contact our Admissions Department for complete course offerings for our 4-week Orientation Program and 7-week Credit Program.