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Grade 9 and 11 Classes of Fulford Academy learning how to golf 1

With the weather being this beautiful, our classes are taking full advantage and spending as much time outside as possible!


This week, our Grade 9 and 11 Physical Education classes learned how to play golf, and really, who doesn’t want to play golf in this sunshine?!


Ms. Edgley and Mr. Day began the week by teaching students about the different parts of the club (ie, grip, shaft, head and how to properly hold it. After learning these basic skills of the sport, students learned the golf stance. It was then finally time for the students how to swing the club!


Two students in the class were responsible for creating a stretching routine based specifically on golf, focusing on the muscles we use when we golf.


Throughout the week, students learned about the different types of clubs people use to golf with (Driver, iron, putter). Each club is used differently throughout the round of golf and students learned when to use each club, along with the different swings for different clubs.


To put their new skills to the test, the classes headed to a local mini putt course at Sunnidell Golf Course and had a great day! It looks as though Jerry S even found a new use for the range basket! Check out the pics from the mini putt adventure!



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