Academics Update Fall 2019

YouTubers in the Making!

Media Club is new this year, it is a chance for students who are interested in various types of media creation to pursue a passion project throughout the semester. The purpose of learning how to use and engage with media is to give students confidence when working with different platforms. Students are often on social media, learning how to do it in a responsible way is important, as well as being able to have fun.

In the club, we have explored various programs on photo and video manipulation, as well as how to use a digital SLR camera and green screen. We have looked at photos, podcasts, as well as film making. Two of the club members had chosen to create and maintain a YouTube channel throughout the semester. One of our members has already amassed a rather big following already via her channel.

As the club progresses we will continue to look at how to make our content interesting, as well as how to stay relevant in a fast-paced media world.

If you’re interested in following one of our YouTubers check out Ela Ince’s channel, as she vlogs about her day to day at Fulford Academy in both English and Turkish.

Academics Update Fall 2019

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