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Fulford Academy Academics

Fulford Academy offers full-scale middle school programs, high school programs, university prep, and ESL for both day and boarding students. We also offer synchronous online courses for grades 6-12 and a unique hybrid dual high school diploma. Small class sizes and additional hours of instruction ensure individual attention, personalized support and success in our English-only environment, in both our in-class and online offerings.

We Challenge You to Go Further!

Meet the Fulford Academy Faculty

All Fulford Academy teachers are members of the Ontario College of Teachers. Teachers also have advanced ESL (English as a Second Language) certification to allow them to better support our students with their language development. Our teachers provide an exceptional level of support in a small classroom environment, allowing all students including ESL students to improve their English skills while studying Ontario curriculum. For ESL students in particular, language learning is integrated in all subjects, additional time has been added to our classes to allow for extra activities and support. The goal for all our students is to master grade-level subject content while improving their language skills.

Dr. Thomas Steel is the head of Fulford Academy - private school in Brockville Ontario Canada

Dr. Tom Steel

Director of School

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Scott Murray is a teacher at Fulford Academy

Scott Murray

Director of Academics, Head of School, OCT

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Devin Payne is a teacher at Fulford Academy

Devin Payne

Assistant Head of School, Dean of Students, OCT

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McCarthy, Cindy

Cindy McCarthy

Academics Coordinator

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MacMillan, Sarah

Sarah MacMillan

Guidance, OCT

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Ryan, Taylor

Taylor Ryan

STEM+A Coordinator, OCT

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Camille Ballantyne is a teacher at Fulford Academy

Camille Ballantyne


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Best, Melissa

Melissa Best


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Deline, Jeremy

Jeremy Deline


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Edgley, Katie

Katie Edgley


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Kristen Murray is a teacher at Fulford Academy

Kristen Murray


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Fulford Academy Teacher Shannon Shackles

Shannon Shackles


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