Announcement: Closure of Fulford Academy Dorm

Hello Fulford Academy Families and Agents,

At Fulford Academy, we have been continuing to monitor the Covid-19 situation. As always, the safety of your children remains our top priority. The Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario are taking extraordinary measures and have declared a State of Emergency in the province of Ontario to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

It is for that reason we have been advised to close our school dormitory effective April 5th. We are therefore asking families of our international students to return home, or to find alternative housing, immediately. If unable to arrange travel home in this timeframe, Fulford Academy will help arrange a homestay if necessary.

Once your travel arrangements have been made, please communicate them as soon as possible to: Devin Payne, at and Cindy McCarthy at

After the travel plans have been communicated, we will assist by arranging transportation to the Ottawa Airport (with a connecting flight to Toronto/Vancouver) and Montreal airport.

We understand that this decision will be disruptive. The staff at Fulford Academy remain at the service of our students and their families, and we understand that this is a challenging time for everyone. We are ready to commence our classes online, beginning Monday, March 23, at 9 a.m., and look forward to continuing to educate and support your child until the end of the school year.

In the event we are able to reopen, any student returning home will not be expected to return to the school to complete the year in person. Of course, they are welcome to return if they are able, but it will not be mandatory, nor will the decision to remain as an online student be held against the student or family.

I want to thank all of our students, families, and agents for your continued support during this time – it has been greatly appreciated.  Should you have any questions, please contact me at or our Assistant Head of School, Devin Payne, at

Thank you,

Scott Murray

Head of School, Fulford Academy

Announcement: Closure of Fulford Academy Dorm

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