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How Our Day and Boarding School Caters To Individual Student Needs

While the traditional schooling model encourages students to fit into a predetermined set of expectations to reach their academic goals, Fulford Academy caters to the unique needs of each student by expanding on typical instruction methods. Read on to learn how our broad range of programs, personalized education plans, accommodation of different learning styles, and[…]

3 Ways Our Online Education Program Keeps Students Motivated

Students in grades 6-12 at Fulford Academy have the opportunity to learn through an online format equipped with engaging, interactive, and comprehensive courses. Students who choose the online option benefit from the flexibility it affords them, whether they are busy with sports, additional academics, or other personal areas of development.  At Fulford Academy, students receive[…]

How Our Boarding Academy’s Advanced Curriculum Sets Middle School Students Up for Success

As you know, it’s never too early to start preparing for a successful future. That’s why Fulford Academy’s Middle School program is designed to prime students for competitive, prestigious post-secondary programs. We’ve combined several unique features to create the perfect learning environment for high academic achievements such as individual learning, an emphasis on STEM subjects,[…]

Preparing for University Success? How Our Boarding Academy’s STEM Curriculum Helps

The academic approach found at Fulford Academy offers an immersive experience for students looking to adequately prepare for university. Our STEM + Arts curriculum allows students to be challenged academically and personally as they discover their strengths, apply their skills, and explore new areas of study. This curriculum makes up the core of our academic[…]

The Fulford Academy Experience: What Our Boarding Academy Has to Offer

At Fulford Academy, our mission is to give students the confidence and skills to succeed in a global learning environment. As an international school in Ontario, our students come from across Canada and around the world to achieve their academic goals and prepare to enter the world with the right scientific, technological and cultural knowledge. […]

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