Brockville: The Perks of Studying in a Safe and Beautiful Canadian City

Are you looking for a boarding school for your child that is situated in a quiet and safe place? Fulford Academy is located in Brockville, Ontario, Canada – a small and peaceful city situated on the shores of the beautiful St. Lawrence River.

Please note: This article appeared originally in World Schools.  Fulford Academy is proud to be featured as a recommended school in World Schools. 

This small community is in the heart of the 1000 Islands region and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Brockville is a beautiful historic community that attracts visitors from around the world. This is the ideal place for a young learner to grow and prosper in their studies. Here are facts about Brockville that make it an ideal place for a young student to grow.

4 Top Facts About Brockville:

1. Brockville has many educational and cultural centres

Home of the Brockville Arts Centre, this building was built in 1858 and remains one of the most unique and historic performing arts centres in Canada. The Aquatarium is filled with interesting facts about the diverse wildlife of the 1000 Islands and the St. Lawrence River Across from Fulford Academy is the magnificent Edwardian mansion, Fulford Place, a historic structure that houses royalty and prime ministers. Fulford Academy students get to experience these cultural spots, plus many more within the city!

2. Brockville is proud to be a World Designated Safe Community

This designation is granted by the World Health Organization (WHO) to communities like Brockville, that promote a community culture of safety and well-being by addressing occupational, community and lifestyle issues in the area.

3. Brockville is in close proximity to 3 major Canadian cities

Fulford Academy students come from over 30 countries all over the world, and Brockville is ideally situated between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, which means 2 things: it is easy to get to for international travelers, and Fulford Academy students get to experience these 3 cities through weekend trips throughout the year!

4. Civic pride and volunteering is big in Brockville

As a smaller city, Brockville operates with a dedicated network of volunteers. This promotes a sense of pride within the community itself. As part of the OSSD high school diploma requirement, Fulford Academy students must complete community service and are active members of the community, volunteering with local organizations such as Loaves & Fishes. Fulford Academy students get to know Brockville residents in a truly meaningful way, by giving back.

Brockville, Ontario, Canada is a historic city that is an ideal place for young learners to grow and reach their academic goals. Interested in seeing the school? We also offer private tours of Fulford Academy.

You can Book a Tour through our website, email or call 1-613-341-9330.

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Brockville: The Perks of Studying in a Safe and Beautiful Canadian City

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