Summer Camp 2019

Keeping up with the Campers! On Monday, July 15, 36 students began their 3-week Summer Camp at Fulford Academy after arriving from around the globe on the weekend. This year’s group is the largest number of students we have welcomed for summer camp! Arrival weekend is always an exciting time as students get to know…

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Residence Life at Fulford Academy: Fall 2018

Students have had a busy start to the year in Residential Life! Students have had the opportunity to sign up for their Residential Clubs which take place in the evenings from Monday to Thursday. Some of the clubs students can participate in are YMCA Fitness and Swimming, Badminton, Soccer, Basketball, Board Games, Piano, Guitar, Violin,…

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Summer School Student Life Update

It’s time for our weekly recap and what a fun week to look back on! This week’s focus is on our Student Life activities! As you may know, this past weekend was a long weekend in Ontario, which meant that students had the benefit of no classes on Monday. So, we do what we do…

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Summer Camp Kick-Off 2018

Summer Camp - Fulford Academy

Welcome to Fulford Academy Summer Camp 2018! Summer Camp is well underway and all of our campers are settling in nicely for an eventful 3 week program! After orientation and having some time to get to know each other, we kicked off the Camp with a chance to get to know Downtown Brockville…so obviously the…

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Weekend Trip to Parc Omega

On Sunday the 22nd of October, a group of Fulford Academy students went on a trip to Parc Omega. The Omega Park is a wildlife park where you witness the experience of the wild Canadian nature. Canada is known for its massive landscapes and magnificent wildlife. This trip was a chance to experience it all…

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Our Trip To The “Aquatarium”

Although we have an aquarium in the school with two aquatic turtles, a lot of us were extremely excited when were told that we would be going on a Field Trip to the “Aquatarium” at Tall Ships Landing in Brockville! The thing that made this aquarium special or different was the different types or species…

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