Class of 2021 Student Testimonials

Members of the Fulford Academy Class of 2021 have offered their reflections of their time at Fulford Academy, and the positive impact this experience has had on their lives.

Featured Student: Mone Tsuruoka

Mone Tsuruoka

My name is Mone and I am a member of Fulford Academy’s 2020-2021 graduating class. I come from Japan and I first attended Fulford as a Grade 10 student. The thing I most loved about my time at Fulford is the dormitory life. In the dorm, students spend their time as they like. For example, at the dormitory, we watch a movie on Friday night and we sign out downtown or uptown to have meals on the weekend. There are RAs (Residential Advisors) who support boarding students, supervise them, and organize events. They are really kind, friendly and close to us. Spending time with international friends or RAs is comforting to me. Regardless of dormitory life or RAs, all staff working at Fulford is like a second family. My favourite memories are normal and everyday life, but weekend trips are awesome. We visit Ottawa and Montreal for shopping, and in winter we have ski trips! One of the biggest advantages of Fulford is that it has taught me new ideas, a wider knowledge, as well as new ways of thinking. Being in an international school has allowed me to interact and befriend students from many countries. Working and living with many different perspectives and cultures makes me capable of adapting to different things. This opportunity helps us to grow and improve ourselves as a person. It is a small community but they gave their hand for me to gain confidence.

I can’t believe I am graduating this year – my life at Fulford has gone by really fast and this time is irreplaceable to me.

Featured Student: Kirk Mao

Kirk Mao

My name is Kirk, I come from China and I am currently a grade 12 student at Fulford Academy. In the summer of 2018, I came to Fulford for the first time to participate in a summer school program and I had an opportunity to interact with classmates from around the world. It was a really amazing experience for me to be at Fulford for the first time.

This year I graduate from Fulford Academy and I hope to pursue an arts program at Queen’s University in Kingston next Fall.  My classmates and I have had fun and have shared many happy memories. I especially remember the biological tour to Algonquin Provincial Park where we saw geographic changes, local biomes, and experimented with some of the environmental properties in-person. I was impressed by Fulford with its diversity and the small caring environment. There were never dozens of students crowded in the same classroom as in other countries or schools. For certain, Fulford offers this experience, simply because the quality of education is not about how large the school is, but the distribution of educational resources to each individual student. Each student can receive more attention from his or her teacher, and has more opportunities to participate in experiments, volunteering, activities, extra-curriculums, and clubs.

My years at Fulford really helped me to grow in many areas, especially academically. I will miss Fulford very much: from the lovely staff to the considerate residential advisors, and from those delicious meals in the dining hall to great facilities in the dorm.

Class of 2021 Student Testimonials
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