Continuous Learning by Fulford Academy Teachers

Fulford Academy Teacher Sarah MacMillan graduates with Masters of Education from Queens University

Fulford Academy teachers have a commitment to continuous learning, in order to bring new ideas and innovation into the classroom for our students.

Mrs. Sarah MacMillan is one example of this practice. Mrs. MacMillan graduated yesterday with a Masters of Education from Queen’s University with a specific focus of classroom specialist.

With our small class sizes, Fulford Academy teachers have the ability to focus on each individual student. In the modern classroom, our teachers have the ability to quickly adapt to new changes and preferences in our student’s learning abilities and styles. Mrs. MacMillan’s area of specialization in her master’s degree will allow her to focus on new ideas and new educational methodology, and to quickly understand the demands and struggles of our learners both in-class and online.

Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Sarah MacMillan, OCT, M.Ed in her achievement!

Continuous Learning by Fulford Academy Teachers
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