Dr. Thomas Steel

Dr. Thomas Steel is the head of Fulford Academy - private school in Brockville Ontario Canada

Our comprehensive co-curricular program includes community service, athletics, arts, music, clubs and other activities that give students many opportunities to discover their strengths and explore their passions. Each student is coached and guided to recognize and accept leadership opportunities and be a support to their peers. A Fulford education is much more than books!

As a member of BAU Global, we are thrilled to offer increased emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics + Arts, (STEM+A). Our students will engage in cross-curricular studies that involve coding, robotics, mechanical design and engineering problem solving as an integral part of their learning.

Our core values shape the inclusive atmosphere that is Fulford Academy. We emphasize collaboration and cooperation in our community; we celebrate our differences, but seek the common ground to form bridges between individuals and between cultures. We respect the courage required to leave home and study within a new language and culture, and always seek the wisdom to make our World a better place for everyone.