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On the morning of September 6th, 2018, the students of Fulford Academy were challenged to work as a team within their Houses to build a catapult, and have it finished by 4 o’clock the same day.

Fulford Academy STEM Fall 2018

The students, along with their teachers and Heads of Houses were given a finite number of supplies, including a 2 x 4, a wooden dowel, some screws, and whatever prior knowledge, teamwork, and research skills they brought to the table themselves to build a working catapult.

It was a long day full of hard work, disagreements, team building, engineering and exploration for the students, teachers, and heads of schools who worked tirelessly to complete their catapults on time.

Some Houses Beatty were still preparing their catapults up until the first launch during the competition. House points were given out to the team who demonstrated the best process Williams, the most aesthetically pleasing catapult Green, the furthest launch Fraser, and the most accurate launch Beatty. Overall it was a very successful day of collaboration, research, engineering, and team-building. Way to go, Fulford!


Ms. Melissa Best

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