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Fulford Online offers a simple and flexible way to enhance your high school experience, wherever you call home.

The future of education. Today. Online.


No other online high school program offers:

What makes Fulford Online different? Our delivery of instruction

Videos made by your teacher to highlight key lessons

An integrated STEM+A approach

A commitment to accommodating different learning styles

A dual high school diploma option for international students

Who takes online high school courses?


Age: 16
Grade: 11
Location: Toronto

Goal: To complete high school on time with good marks so he can get a U.S. hockey scholarship.

Challenge: Balancing school work with his demanding hockey schedule.


Evan applies to take Gr. 11 Physics through Fulford Online, and provides documentation to the Fuflord Academy admissions department that he has met the prerequisite requirements and pays for the course.


Evan meets all of the requirements for the online course, completes his Skype interview with the Admissions department and is accepted. The Fulford Academy Academics team reaches out to welcome Evan and give him an orientation to the online system.

February to June

Evan completes his Physics course work and checks in by video with his teacher every week using the wifi at home, the arena and hotels when he’s away at tournaments. He completes his final exam by Google Hangouts from his bedroom at the same time as the Physics students who are taking it in class.


Evan receives his Physics mark in the mail at his house, which reminds him to apply for the online Gr. 12 English class at Fulford. The September class is full, so he registers for the class starting in February.


Evan pops in to the office at his high school in Toronto and confirms that they received his mark from Fulford Academy for his completed Physics class. Yes, they tell him, it’s on his transcript.


Age: 15
Grade: 10
Location: Hanoi

Goals: To earn a Canadian high school diploma and go to university in Canada.

Challenge: Doing well in courses taught entirely in English.


Anh and her parents apply for two online courses as part of Fulford’s Dual High School Diploma program. When Anh doesn’t pass the English proficiency test, her parents contact the Fulford Academy Admissions team. The Admissions team enrols Anh into online ESL classes through the school.

July to August: Summer 1

Anh completes her first 2 courses. Google Classroom helps her stay organized and schedule check-ins with her teacher, given the time difference between Hanoi and Brockville.

September to June

Anh completes her Grade 11 high school year at her high school in Hanoi.

July to August: Summer 2

Now that she is in her second year of courses through the dual high school diploma program, it’s time for Anh to select a specialization (math, science or social studies/arts). She has a video call with a Fulford guidance counsellor, who helps Anh understand the prerequisites for popular Canadian university programs and the career doors each will open for her. Anh selects the social studies/arts stream and completes her next two courses online with Fulford Academy.

July to August: Summer 3

Anh takes her first international flight (23 hours!) to attend Fulford Academy in-class for her last two courses. She spends the summer on campus in beautiful Brockville, immerses herself in the nature and culture of Canada and makes lifelong friends. Anh attends graduation in-person at the end of the summer and successfully obtains her Canadian high school diploma (OSSD) along with her diploma from her high school in Hanoi.

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