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Choose your own adventure.

Fulford Synchronous Online offers a simple and flexible way to enhance your school experience, wherever you call home.

The future of education. Today. Synchronous, Online.


No other synchronous online program offers:

What makes Fulford Online different? Our delivery of instruction

Videos made by your teacher to highlight key lessons

An integrated STEM+A approach

A commitment to accommodating different learning styles

A dual high school diploma option for international students

Who takes online high school courses?


Age: 16
Grade: 11
Location: Toronto

Goal: To complete high school on time with good marks so he can get a U.S. hockey scholarship.

Challenge: Balancing school work with his demanding hockey schedule.

Fulford Academy Online Middle School - example of a student

Age: 12
Grade: 8
Location: Brockville

To finish grade 8 and feel prepared for high school courses in the fall.

Challenge: Finds learning from home difficult in subjects like math and science and needs a bit more structure and support in these areas.


Age: 15
Grade: 10
Location: Hanoi

Goals: To earn a Canadian high school diploma and go to university in Canada.

Challenge: Doing well in courses taught entirely in English.

Fulford Academy Online ESL - example of a student

Age: 14
Grade: 10
Location: Japan

Goals: To improve English level before earning high school credits

Challenge: Needs the one-on-one support of ESL certified teachers who teach through the use of the Ontario curriculum

It's your life. Learn your way. Take a course online!