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Choose your own adventure.

Fulford Synchronous Online offers a simple and flexible way to enhance your school experience, wherever you call home.

The future of education. Today. Synchronous, Online.



Please note that the provided class times are listed in Eastern Standard Time. We have a rotating schedule, so it is important to note whether the current week is a “Week 1” or “Week 2” schedule. Please see the example schedule below.

Week 1 Schedule - 2020
Week 2 Schedule - 2020

No other synchronous online program offers:

What makes Fulford Online different? Our delivery of instruction

Videos made by your teacher to highlight key lessons

An integrated STEM+A approach

A commitment to accommodating different learning styles

A dual high school diploma option for international students

Who takes online high school courses?


Age: 16
Grade: 11
Location: Toronto

Goal: To complete high school on time with good marks so he can get a U.S. hockey scholarship.

Challenge: Balancing school work with his demanding hockey schedule.

Fulford Academy Online Middle School - example of a student

Age: 12
Grade: 8
Location: Brockville

To finish grade 8 and feel prepared for high school courses in the fall.

Challenge: Finds learning from home difficult in subjects like math and science and needs a bit more structure and support in these areas.


Age: 15
Grade: 10
Location: Hanoi

Goals: To earn a Canadian high school diploma and go to university in Canada.

Challenge: Doing well in courses taught entirely in English.

Fulford Academy Online ESL - example of a student

Age: 14
Grade: 10
Location: Japan

Goals: To improve English level before earning high school credits

Challenge: Needs the one-on-one support of ESL certified teachers who teach through the use of the Ontario curriculum

It's your life. Learn your way. Take a course online!