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Fulford Online.

Convenience without compromise.

Calling all Ontario, Canadian, and international students! Whether you're in Middle School (grade 6-8), High School, or you need English Language support, Fulford Academy has a synchronous online learning option fit for every kind of student. Learn from home with the flexibility you want and the support you need to succeed.

The future of education. Today. Synchronous, Online.


Online convenience

Learn alongside Fulford Academy students in our synchronous online programs using a simple and effective online platform. Each week, you’ll be provided with a lesson and exercises you can complete anytime and anywhere you like during the week. Learn at your own pace…create your own classroom!

Quality courses

Our Programs meet the high standards of the Ontario curriculum in a way that only Fulford Academy offers: by integrating science, technology, engineering, math and the arts (STEM+A) in a way that teaches skills usually reserved for university (Advanced Placement). Innovative academics meets cultural enrichment!

Personalized instruction

Small class sizes mean you get one-on-one support and helpful encouragement from your Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) certified teachers, who act more like coaches than teachers. They’ll help you identify your learning goals and create a learning plan based on your learning style!

Flexible programs

Supplementary materials and assignments are offered in a variety of formats so you’ll always find something that suits your learning style. Take one or two online courses or, for international students, earn your full Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) alongside a diploma from your home high school.

Superior support

Require tutoring to grasp a difficult concept? Looking for advice on time management? Need guidance counselling or help with your university application? Are you from abroad and want to take a summer program on the Fulford campus? As a Fulford Online student, our student-centred supports are at your service!

Excellent value

We combine the best of a traditional classroom environment with all the advantages of distance education. Teacher-generated videos and face-to-face feedback through Google Hangouts make you feel like you’re “right there.” On-demand lessons mean you can learn at your own pace. 

This is school your way!

Our synchronous online classes are all about flexibility. Whether you only need to take one course, a whole semester or you are an international student who wants to do our blended dual high school diploma program, you have options!

Online Middle School Courses

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Online University Prep

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Online ESL Courses

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Fulford Online is for you.

Whether you’re in Brockville, Thunder Bay, Mexico City, Vancouver, Istanbul, Toronto, Brasilia or Hanoi, Fulford Academy’s online school is for you.

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Curious about how it works?

Learn how synchronous online students are integrated in the classroom: