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The newspaper assignment was a cross curricular STEM+A project that combined all grade eleven students in the areas of American History, English, Physics, and Math. The focus of the project developed around the time period being studied in Mrs. MacMillan’s American History class. ‘The Gilded Age’, considered to be following the Civil War, and up until WWI, roughly 1866-1913, a time of growth, prosperity, and also of corruption in America society and politics.

The students were tasked to create a variety of newspaper articles that involved historical research into events, inventions, and the people of the time in Mrs. MacMIllan’s history class. Students exercised their writing skills in creating news articles, as well as organizing the lay out in Mr. Deline’s English class. In Mr. Rupert’s physics and math class, they compiled data and organized it around the emergence of the automobile, the shift from urban to rural, and the rise in car accidents during the time period.

The students worked as a team on a project for a week, demonstrating a lot of leadership and commitment in the process. They used their time in class well, and were able to accomplish much in the time given. They were even able to help other students who were not completely finished their sections to make sure the project was completed on schedule. The project was done completely by the students, from the writing, to the layout, to designing the advertisements in the paper.

This was a first time STEM+A project for the grade eleven students, and they did an excellent job tackling the topic assigned to them. The newspaper was overall, a well done project that showcased the work done in all the subjects. It was an exercise in collaboration for all the students, and one that is worth exploring in future with the expectations working towards a digital paper to showcase the information.

Written by: Mrs. MacMillan

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