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Fulford Academy Beatty House is a part of the House System at Fulford Academy

Fulford Academy prides itself on our inclusive family atmosphere and part of the way we achieve this is through our House System & our Advisor Program.

Upon arrival to Fulford Academy, each student is placed into one of our six Houses where they will work as a team in various challenges. Through activities, spirit days and challenges during the year, Houses will come together to actively participate and work together. Not only are students placed into a house, but every staff member is also assigned to one of the 6 Houses. This is an excellent way for our staff and students to connect and get to know one another better! The House System strives to teach teamwork skills through engaging activities and allows for students and staff members to build relationships with each other.

Our Summer Camp and Summer School students have been assigned and today we had a chance to get some House photos completed!  We have to say that our House Colours were well represented but Dr. Steel in his Yellow Jacket and Wig stole the show 🙂

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