How Our Boarding Academy’s Advanced Curriculum Sets Middle School Students Up for Success

As you know, it’s never too early to start preparing for a successful future. That’s why Fulford Academy’s Middle School program is designed to prime students for competitive, prestigious post-secondary programs. We’ve combined several unique features to create the perfect learning environment for high academic achievements such as individual learning, an emphasis on STEM subjects, and diversity. Keep reading to learn more about how we support our middle school students here at Fulford Academy. 

Individualized Learning Supports Student Success

Every student is unique; they each have their own strengths, challenges, and learning styles that should be honored by educators. Here at Fulford Academy, we take the time to get to know each student in our small class groups. We prioritize creating a family atmosphere where students feel comfortable expressing themselves, enabling us to learn the best way to support each individual. Students receive the consistency they need, spending most of their time with a dedicated grade teacher with whom they’ll develop a constructive, supportive relationship. We foster our students’ natural talents while encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones so that they can develop new competencies and thrive in dynamic, high-power future careers. The individualized learning model we’ve embraced at our boarding academy leaves no student behind–in fact 100% of our graduates go on to attend a post-secondary institution.  

At our private boarding school, we pay attention to each student and individualize their learning accordingly.

STEM Subjects Prepare Students for the Future

STEM careers continue to grow as technology advances. In addition, the skills associated with this field are highly transferable and will help students accomplish their goals no matter what their dream career is. In addition to the full Ontario curriculum, we integrate innovative subjects like Coding and Robotics that can be applied across a wide variety of industries. Cross-curricular integration is helpful for several reasons. It broadens the student’s lens of understanding, offering them plenty of opportunities to apply the theoretical knowledge they’ve gained, and better prepares them for authentic real-world work situations. Students receive a relevant, well-rounded education in the fields that matter today.

Our boarding academy teaches the complete Ontario curriculum in addition to Coding and Robotics.

A Diverse Learning Environment at Our Boarding Academy 

We’re proud that our private boarding school provides a very diverse environment for our students, preparing them for success in the global workplace today. There are several benefits that come with a diverse learning environment. Exposure to different perspectives beyond their own prepares students to become more open-minded, respectful, and accepting adults. In addition, the cultural literacy that our environment provides will help students to strengthen interpersonal skills like empathy, communication, and their ability to connect with others. Students with English as a second language also benefit from a curriculum that allows them to engage with other students who are striving to improve their English skills, with plenty of opportunities to practice. With Fulford Academy’s Middle School program, you can start preparing for a bright future today. 

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How Our Boarding Academy’s Advanced Curriculum Sets Middle School Students Up for Success

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