How Our Day and Boarding School Caters To Individual Student Needs

While the traditional schooling model encourages students to fit into a predetermined set of expectations to reach their academic goals, Fulford Academy caters to the unique needs of each student by expanding on typical instruction methods. Read on to learn how our broad range of programs, personalized education plans, accommodation of different learning styles, and family environment all come together to create the support students need to learn and develop no matter what their unique needs are. 

A Broad Range of Educational Programs To Choose From

The various educational programs at our day and boarding school were designed to meet a broad range of learning needs. Here is a brief guide to the programs on offer at Fulford Academy:

  • Middle school Program (grades 6-8): students receive a robust education that follows the full Ontario curriculum. This program integrates technology courses like robotics and coding to prepare our students for the modern demands of their future careers. 
  • High school Program: In our small classes, students receive plenty of one-on-one instruction that facilitates the successful completion of their OSSD credits. They are challenged in order to reach their full academic potential and encouraged to select courses that suit their personal strengths, interests, and goals. 
  • Dual High School Diploma Program:  This program is designed to accommodate international students seeking to graduate with an Ontario high school diploma and another from their country of origin. Students develop the skills to stand out to Canadian universities. 
  • University Prep Program: This program is designed for high school graduates looking to improve their language skills in order to be competitive in English first language institutions. 
  • Online Education: Our Asynchronous online education program is ideal for students that thrive with independence, flexibility, and dynamic lessons. 
  • ESL Prep: Fulford Academy caters to students who seek to improve their English language skills to better integrate into the Canadian education system. 
  • Summer Programs and Camp: This program is for students looking to improve their English language skills on time for fall, while our camps encourage participants to enjoy student life activities among their peers. 

Customized Education Plans At Our Day and Boarding School 

Those seeking to enroll in an international school in Ontario will do well to choose an institution that prioritizes meeting the unique needs of its students. One very important way that we achieve this is through customized education plans. The unique strengths, avenues for growth, interests, goals, and learning styles of each student are taken into account. To ensure that these learning plans are effective, students and their families get access to weekly meetings with a staff advisor selected specifically for them. 

Our Guidance Office develops customized education plans for students at our day and boarding school.

A Community That Ensures That No Student is Left Behind 

We foster a warm familial environment that offers students a sense of community, acceptance, and inclusion. We firmly believe that a student’s relationship with school staff and their peers impacts their academic success and personal development. That’s why we strive to create an atmosphere that encourages students to connect with one another and our supportive faculty members. 

At our boarding preparatory school, we create a familial environment, ensuring students feel seen and heard.

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How Our Day and Boarding School Caters To Individual Student Needs
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