How Our Private School in Ontario Supports Student Learning

Fulford Academy is proud to offer a welcoming and supportive learning environment for students from all over the world. International students make up 50% of the student body on campus. This creates a unique global experience for students as they connect with and learn from their peers. 

At the same time, we understand the challenges of attending school abroad, from visa applications and financial support to adjusting to a new country. We aim to make this transition as comfortable as possible for new students by offering comprehensive support systems, individualized programs and a vibrant campus community. Here’s a closer look at how Fulford Academy supports the experience of our international students!

Support Systems for Students Away from Home

The internal support systems found at Fulford Academy allow faculty and staff to meet the individual needs of each student as they navigate their academics away from home. Orientation Day at Fulford Academy allows all students to introduce themselves to fellow students and our staff. Students receive a student handbook, and staff members will sit with them to review the handbook, ensuring that any questions that they might have are answered.

At our boarding school, the residence team is there to help students transition to their new school and find comfort in their newfound home. The residential team organizes weekend activities in and around our private school in Ontario. These include trips to nearby cities for cultural events, shopping or sporting events. This is one of the best ways for international students to experience more of life in Canada and form friendships with their local and international peers. 

The Advisor Program at Fulford Academy allows staff to bridge the gap between students and their professors. Each student is assigned to a staff member, whom they meet with weekly to discuss any difficulties they may be experiencing. These staff members also serve as the point of contact for international families to update them on their child’s progress and wellbeing. 

Our international school in Ontario supports students in their transition to Canadian life

Flexible Programs to Suit Your Needs

International students come to Fulford Academy with different needs, strengths and goals. To accommodate this, the Guidance Office will make customized education plans, enabling students to reach their goals while allowing them to fulfill their optional credits with courses that interest them. 

Many students at our international school in Ontario are looking for a flexible learning environment. For that reason, you’ll find that 70% of our student body chooses to enroll in the online Dual Diploma program, which offers them the freedom to earn their diplomas from all around the globe. The Dual High School Diploma is a specialized program through Fulford Academy that allows International students to graduate with two high school diplomas: an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and a diploma from their home country. This is the perfect pathway for those looking to gain a highly competitive edge when applying to post-secondary institutions here in Canada and elsewhere. 

Students in this program have the option of completing it entirely online. For those who wish to have a more international learning experience, there’s the option to complete one summer on campus at Fulford Academy. 

International students can complete the Dual Diploma program from around the world

Language Support at Our International School in Ontario 

International students with a limited understanding of the English language can take part in Fulford Academy’s ESL Prep program, focusing on language development and understanding while simultaneously working toward their OSSD. This supports their transition into Canadian life and opens the doors to greater opportunities. 

As an intensive English immersion program, ESL Prep goes beyond a functional English syllabus to address the full scope of classroom contexts. The program is taught using Ontario curriculum content to prepare students linguistically, academically and culturally to progress into Fulford Academy’s standard curriculum. In small classes led by dedicated teachers, International students at Fulford find the support they need to build a successful future in a home away from home. 

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How Our Private School in Ontario Supports Student Learning
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