How Residential Life At Our Boarding Academy Boosts Communication and Social Skills

At Fulford Academy, students have everything they need to build their personal and academic skills in order to reach their full potential. Through a comprehensive education–offered as a boarding option, day option, or synchronous online option–students get the support they need as they pursue the renowned Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). 

While earning their diploma is a priority, Fulford Academy also fosters independent skill development in each and every student. Our students thrive in a supportive and engaging environment that prompts them to actively participate, cultivate meaningful friendships, and discover new strengths that they never knew they had. Continue reading to see how residential life at our boarding academy helps students refine their communication and social skills.

Weekend Activities Help Build Connections at Our Boarding Academy

As a private boarding school, Fulford Academy values a family-like environment. This means that every day of the week is a time for students to connect with one another, support each other, and make the best of their experiences together. 

During free time on the weekends, students have the opportunity to participate in activities and trips that help them spend their time in meaningful ways with their peers, outside of the classroom. Outings to downtown Brockville are a way to find new friendships, improve their social skills in a non-academic setting, and prioritize having fun. 

Additionally, students can participate in a number of volunteer activities that Fulford Academy presents in partnership with local institutions. This helps immerse students into Canadian culture and improve their collaboration skills–whether they’re helping with community clean-up days or helping out with the Brockville Braves.

Weekend activities encourage students to socialize and boost their communication skills.

Dorm Life Fosters Improved Communication Skills

Living in the dorms is an excellent opportunity for our young students to get a feel for what university life will be like, while also helping them grow as individuals. The experience of the Fulford Academy dorms enacts the values of our boarding academy: courage, respect, and wisdom. By sharing rooms with their peers, keeping track of their assignments, staying on top of their laundry service days, and making time for fun, Fulford Academy students gain a new level of independence. Through dorm living, students learn how to communicate their needs and wishes as they navigate living in a new space. They make great use of the hands-on dormitory staff, who will to any challenges that may arise and help students find a solution.

In the dorms, students gather on a daily basis to build their relationships.

A Positive and Open Environment Across Campus

The dormitories are also a great environment for students to connect with each other through shared kitchenettes, where they can enjoy meals, snacks, and tea together. The common rooms serve as a meeting place for students and offer the perfect space for games, free time, meeting new classmates, and simply spending time with one another. Outside of the dorms, our residential students have green space to gather, play sports, sit at picnic tables, and hang out with friends. Thanks to the family environment found all across campus, students feel encouraged to explore campus, join new clubs, meet up with friends, and develop their social abilities. 

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How Residential Life At Our Boarding Academy Boosts Communication and Social Skills
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