March 2021 Newsletter


Head of School, Mr. Scott Murray

Hello Fulford families, 

It looks like Spring, or at very least Spring weather, is just around the corner. Personally, Spring is my favorite time of year. The sun shining actually means warm weather, not deep freezing, the snow is melting, and eventually, the leaves will start to show themselves. It’s a time for rebirth and fresh starts. It’s a time for hope! This year more than any other, we all need a little hope!

There is a lot of activity happening at Fulford Academy these days, but most importantly our students are getting back into the normal swing of education. They are back with their friends, they are settling into their new classes, and hopefully, by the end of the month, they will be able to get back outside and enjoy the great outdoors again.

In the coming months, it is my hope that we can all focus on the positives and the things that we are looking forward to as we start to move into the warmer months, longer days, and hopefully, better times for everyone.

Happy March everyone!


Dean of Students, Mr. Devin Payne

February has been a positive month for the students at Fulford Academy. They started off the month well, getting involved in our annual Fulford Spirit Week. Students showed their school spirit by creatively matching up their outfits with the proper theme of the day. Students were extra excited and eager as the Province of Ontario opened up some of their restrictions allowing the students to sign out and get away from the dormitory a little more frequently.

Getting a break from campus is vital to the mental health of many students, so this was a welcomed bit of freedom for many of them. While restrictions have been loosened in Ontario, it is still of great importance for our students to continue to show self-control by limiting their contact, maintaining social distancing, washing/sanitizing their hands, and wearing their masks. Our students should be commended for their efforts so far to protect themselves and the school community. 


2021 Summer Programs

Hello Fulford Families,

Spring is right around the corner and so is Fulford Academy’s summer programming. Our 7-week summer program will be offered on-campus this summer to students in Grades 6-12. Students will experience a full academic program including; Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Health & Physical Education. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in clubs and extracurricular opportunities. This is a great opportunity for students to continue to develop English proficiency and successful completion of the program can result in earning an ESL credit towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Also available this summer is Fulford Academy’s online 7-week credit program which allows high school students the opportunity to earn as many as two credits towards their OSSD. Courses offered are subject to enrolment so if you’re interested in some additional credit this summer, or perhaps you need to make-up a class, please do not hesitate to connect with our Admissions team!

If you are a family who has had a positive experience with Fulford Academy and would like to share your story then we would like to hear from you! Student and parent testimonials are always appreciated and your valuable feedback goes a long way in helping prospective families make informed decisions about whether Fulford Academy is the right match for them. Please call 613-341-9330 or email to share your experience:

Have a great March everyone!

March Newsletter Entry Written by: Mr. Joudoin


Summer Program Options

We are through the first month of the second term and whether you’re a new, or a returning student, we hope everyone is enjoying their online experience with Fulford Academy thus far. This term we are pleased to welcome students from 20 different nationalities to our online learning community.

If you have enjoyed your experience – we would like to hear from you! Student and parent testimonials are always appreciated and your valuable feedback goes a long way in helping prospective families make informed decisions about whether Fulford Academy is the right match for them. 

If you have ever considered an on-campus program at Fulford Academy please do not hesitate to connect with us. On-campus programs will be available at Fulford Academy this summer. We encourage you to visit the summer page on our school website to find out more information or email us directly and we will be happy to chat.

Have a great March everyone!

March Newsletter Entry Written by: Mr. Joudoin



Fulford Academy students are beginning to receive early offers to post-secondary institutions, many of them with entry scholarships, and we are so proud of their efforts! 

Congratulations thus far go out to:

We encourage all of our students to share their letters of offers with us, so that we can proudly celebrate their success and accomplishments. Please reach out to me directly via email at to share this news!

To our families with students who will be moving to post-secondary education in the fall, we have recently learned that universities in Canada, outside of Toronto, are indeed planning for in-person learning at the beginning of the first semester.

March Newsletter Entry: Mrs. MacMillan


A Unique UNESCO Opportunity

Spirit Week was a great success. The students and staff enjoyed themselves as they dressed up to match the daily themes. All the highlights and winners were posted on our social media pages and a big Thank you to Alexia who acted as our host for the week. 

On March 8, we are celebrating International Women’s Day. Some of our students and staff will be participating in a webinar given by The Centre for Global Education in partnership with The Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCUNESCO). This webinar is part of the #ChooseToChallenge campaign “which highlights the importance of challenging biases and misconceptions in the interest of creating a more inclusive and gender-equal world.” This is a fantastic opportunity for our school community to be part of a global conversation. 

March Newsletter Entry Written by: Mrs. Murray


Looking Forward to Spring!

As February comes to a close we are very thankful for the overall health and wellbeing of our student body. When we entered February, the province of Ontario was still under a “Stay at home” order. We are very excited and happy to see that the restrictions have been lifted and our students now have additional access to the city of Brockville. Students have been permitted to sign out in our area and have been informed of the public health guidelines that we must follow. 

Although sign-outs have been reinstated we are excited about the new Clubs the residential team will be offering this winter/spring. Thus far the tobogganing/skating club has been a major hit, students are often asking if there are any cancelations and hoping to catch an open spot. We are also excited to announce that Fulford Academy has gone ahead and purchased new gym equipment for anyone that would like to work out within the Fulford community. staff members have offered to teach the fundamentals in our new “Fitness Fundamentals” club in hopes to teach students the safe way to workout.  

March break is approaching and we are busy preparing for the week-long break. Although we can not announce any activities yet, we are hopeful that the students will enjoy the time off.  Once again we would like to thank everyone for entrusting us with the care of our students, this year has thrown many challenges our way and we have been busy ensuring that everyone finds value in attending Fulford. Students have found success both academically and socially as everyone faces new challenges and overcomes their daily obstacles.

March Newsletter Entry Written by: Greg Lehman

March 2021 Newsletter
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