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Mr. Scott Murray, OCT

Scott Murray is a teacher at Fulford Academy

A Fulford Academy education is simply different. Our small class sizes, our robust club programs, and the house-based community activities help all of the students feel that this is their school. Be they boarding or day students, all Fulford Academy students know that they are surrounded by caring peers and staff members who are striving to provide them with the best-personalized education they can receive.

As a member of BAU Global, we are thrilled to be able to utilize all of the additional resources that we have available to us and our students. Our students are immersed in a differentiated, STEM+A environment in which they are taught the content and skills which will help them to be successful in whatever their post-secondary goals are.

As my predecessor and mentor Dr. Tom Steel has accurately said:

“Our core values shape the inclusive atmosphere that is Fulford Academy. We emphasize collaboration and cooperation in our community; we celebrate our differences but seek the common ground to form bridges between individuals and between cultures. We respect the courage required step outside one's comfort zone, and always seek the wisdom to make our World a better place for everyone.”