Online Education (Grades 9-12)

Empowering Education Beyond Boundaries

Our online education program classes are all about flexibility and offer a simple way to enhance your school experience, wherever you call home.

Offering online courses for grades 9 to 12, students are able to learn from home with the freedom, flexibility, and support they need. Using an “asynchronous model,” Fulford Academy online students enjoy the privileges of a dynamic academic environment with the convenience and flexibility that online learning provides. Our experienced educators provide engaging, dynamic, and varied lessons to our online learners through a flexible and supportive format.

Using Google technology, students from all over the world connect directly with their teachers and lessons, and we strive to make learning as convenient, fun, and engaging as possible. This includes discussion boards, occasional live-streamed lessons, and additional digital information, presented in varied ways to help ensure we engage with all types of learning.

Why Fulford Online?

Online Convenience

Learn alongside Fulford Academy students in select Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 classes using a simple and effective online platform. Each week, you'll be provided with a lesson and exercises you can complete anytime and anywhere you like during the week.

Quality Courses

Courses meet the high standards of the Ontario curriculum in a way that only Fulford Academy offers: by integrating science, technology, engineering, math and the arts (STEM+A) in a way that teaches skills usually reserved for university (Advanced Placement).

Personalized Instruction

Small class sizes mean you get one-on-one support and helpful encouragement from your Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) certified teachers, who act more like coaches than traditional teachers.

Flexible Programs

Find something that suits your learning style. Take one or two online courses or, for international students, earn your full Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) alongside a diploma from your home high school.

Excellent Value

We combine the best of a traditional classroom environment with all the advantages of distance education. Teacher-generated videos and face-to-face feedback through video calls make you feel like you're "right there."


Tours typically take one (1) hour to complete and are available during the week or on the weekend. Please book by calling our Admissions Department or filling out our booking form by clicking on the buttons  below:

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