Online Learning Begins Today!

Hello Fulford Academy Families,

At Fulford Academy we are committed to your child’s learning. That is why we are prepared and ready to continue our courses, online, as of today, Monday, March 23.

Here are some of the details you should know about our online learning environment:

  • Our online learning environment is committed to providing the same support, encouragement, and individualized learning approach as our in-class model.
  • All students will access their course content through Google Classrooms.
  • Fulford Academy educators have extensive online teaching experience and have prepared lessons that are engaging and meaningful.
  • Students are encouraged to follow their class schedule and log in during the normal class time. However, if international time zones do not permit that, students can access the recorded content at their convenience.
  • Our teachers will remain available daily to deliver lessons and offer real time, 1-on-1 support via video conferencing, or answer messages via google hangouts.
  • Students will be responsible for participating in group discussions, debates, and collaborating on group work.
  • Students are also responsible for completing all assessments by their due date to ensure they can achieve their academic credits.
  • For those students who are graduating, our Guidance Counsellor will be available to continue to support and assist students with their post-secondary goals and ambitions.

Should students have any difficulty accessing course content, they should contact their course teacher directly. For any other questions or concerns regarding our online programs, please contact, myself, at or our Assistant Head of School, Devin Payne, at

We look forward to continuing to support your learning.


Scott Murray

Head of School, Fulford Academy

Online Learning Begins Today!

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