Online Learning Feedback from our Students

Recently, the students at Fulford Academy had the chance to provide feedback about their online learning experience so far. Nearly half the students took part in this survey and offered valuable feedback. 

Like many of us, the students are feeling the effects of social distancing. Not being able to interact with one another, missing friends, teachers and advisors, and general boredom, are some of the struggles our students (and us!) are facing. 

“Fulford Academy changed my life.”

But, when it came to their views of online learning, what the students had to say about their experience was overwhelmingly positive. 

Here are some of their answers:

What is the best thing about online learning at Fulford Academy?

  • “The overall support and understanding we receive from our teachers.”
  • “I really like the live classes and how it still seems as though I’m in class.”
  • “You can do your work on your own time, as long as you get it in before the due date.”

What is the most challenging part about learning online?

  • 64% of students said, “staying motivated”
  • 57% of students said, “managing my time”
  • 50% of students said, “less social interaction”

What is your favourite part about online learning?

  • “Flexibility to learn when I want to.”
  • “Learning at my own pace.”
  • “One-on-one support from my teachers.”
  • “Becoming a more confident learner.”

What has been the worst part about being away from Fulford Academy?

  • I miss all my friends and teachers.”
  • “We can’t help each other when studying.”
  • “I miss school and teachers so much. Fulford Academy changed my life. I always want to be there.”
  • “I cannot see my friends.” 

The students also offered some suggestions for how we can improve. While we are not going to eliminate homework as many suggested, we can take their feedback and continue to improve the online learning experience. Offering live classes at varied times to accommodate different time zones and scheduling more group chats for social interaction are just a couple of the ways we are going to use the student’s feedback. 

Until we are all in the building together again we will continue to listen to the voices of our students and strive to provide the best online experience we can. 

Stay safe and stay well, 


Online Learning Feedback from our Students

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