Our Dormitory

Our weekend activities give students the opportunity to interact with each other and improve their communication and social skills.

Weekend activities for boarding students appeal to a variety of interests!

Services and Amenities

Each room is equipped with a bed, desk, dresser, and a coat rack. Fulford Academy supplies the linens for each student, however, if students wish to supply their own they are welcome to do so! Each room also has an individual AC/Heating unit. We have dedicated staff members who take great care and pride in keeping our dorm facility clean and sanitized. Students are offered laundry services on a weekly basis. They are provided a specific day of the week that they are to gather their laundry and provide it to our laundry service department.

The common rooms and washrooms are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis, and each individual room is done on a weekly basis by our staff. With a kitchenette on the 1st and 3rd level, students have the option of keeping their own food in their individual rooms and using the kitchenette for preparation. Some of the most popular uses of the kitchenette include preparing microwavable meals, cold food storage, and preparing tea.

Around the Dorm

You can often find our students out on the grounds around the dorm. Whether they are just hanging out with friends at the picnic tables or playing sports on the lawn, there is a space to enjoy the outdoors. When students have free-time and are able to sign-out, they have the option of walking downtown and taking advantage of what Downtown Brockville has to offer!

Fulford Academy Dorm Tour

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Tours typically take one (1) hour to complete and are available during the week or on the weekend. Please book by calling our Admissions Department or filling out our booking form by clicking on the buttons  below:

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