Fulford Academy Teachers

Our friendly, caring faculty and staff members are versatile, inspirational, and ever-present as teachers, coaches, academic advisors, house counselors, mentors, and lifelong resources.

Our Faculty

They were once like you: brainy, insatiably curious, multi-dimensional high school students. So they see you for who you are, and they help you discover who you’ll become.

Dr. Tom Steel, B. Sc., Dip. Ed., Ph.D

Head of School

Sarah MacMillan
Sarah MacMillan, OCT, M. Ed

Lead Teacher, Guidance

Taylor Ryan
Taylor Ryan, OCT, M. Ed

Lead Teacher, STEM+A Coordinator

Camille Ballantyne, OCT
Melissa Best, OCT
Katie Edgley, OCT
Kristen Murray, OCT
Shannon Shackles, OCT
Chad Thompson, OCT
Jeremy Deline, OCT​
Matthew Smith, OCT​
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