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Fulford Academy offers in-class programs for grades 6 to 12, for national and international boarding students and local-area day students. We also offer online courses for grades 6 to 12 students in Canada, and all over the world.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

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Dual High School Diploma

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High School (Grades 9-12)

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Online Education

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University Prep

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Summer Programs

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ESL Prep

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Fulford Academy's Strength is Our Differentiated Method of Instruction and Assessment

We retain a wonderful diversity of cultures and varied viewpoints in our classrooms, because we do not “stream” for academic or language proficiency. To ensure that all students can learn effectively, we use a highly differentiated method of instruction and assessment.

We provide choices so our students can personalize their learning activities; our teachers hold students accountable by making the curriculum expectations clear from the outset, and coach to ensure that each student meets these goals through the activities; we actively promote more complex thought processes through an integration of the disciplines, as applied to open ended questions and real-life problem solving and projects.

Fulford Academy learning is supported by the extensive use of technology which is an essential tool for learning in our programs. Google Classroom is used to facilitate communication and collaboration between students and between students and the teacher. We use network and online resources and tools to supplement the in-house textual and multimedia sources available to our students. An area in which technology is of great value in learning is for facilitating differentiated instruction in our project-based learning and varied language proficiency classrooms. An interactive digital whiteboard is available in each classroom for lessons, student projects and presentations as well as new overhead cameras in the classroom to help support our online learners.

Why Study at Fulford Academy ?

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Our Academic Approach

STEM + Arts and Advanced Placement are the core of our Academic Programming at Fulford Academy. Small class sizes and additional hours of instruction ensure individual attention, personalized support and success in our English-only environment, in both our in-class and online environments.

What is Advanced Placement?

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What is STEM+A?

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Since our goal is to place students in the university chosen by the student and their family, we offer an extensive guidance and placement service. We draw upon our strong ties with the universities and Colleges across Canada and the USA and we have extensive resources within Fulford Academy to ensure that families are making the right choice based upon the student’s skills and interests. We take the time to get to know not only the student’s academic abilities, but also their interest and ability in sports, arts, music, leadership and their career aspirations. Each university has different areas of excellence and we guide students to the institutions that will best nurture their personal talents.

The Academy provides appropriate services and support to help students make informed, realistic academic and career choices. Several times a year, students review and revise their academic plans, and all students have weekly opportunities for input and direction from their faculty Advisors.

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