Reasons for Taking a Summer Course

Why should you take a summer course? 

We get it–your exams are over, the weather is warmer, and you are finally free of the classroom! With all those endless hours of relaxation ahead of you, why should you bother taking a summer course? 

As it turns out there are many reasons taking a summer course is a great idea. 

1.You’re an athlete, a musician, an actor, or have a part-time job.

If you are a student that is dedicated to co-curriculars, then taking a summer course is really beneficial. The courses in the summer are 7 weeks long instead of the five-month commitment needed in a regular school schedule. By taking a course in the summer, you have the potential to lighten your load during the school year. That time can be used to catch up on your classes, practice your craft, or travel to your other commitments.

2. You can’t decide what you want to take in college or university.

Are you an aspiring writer? A scientist wanting to make the next big discovery? Can’t decide? Taking additional courses can help. You might try the Writer’s Craft course and decide that pursuing an English degree really is for you. Or, you might want to take Physics now so that you can open up your schedule to take other sciences. With summer courses, you can choose from many options that will help guide you into the right post-secondary program. 

3. You need to retake a class or improve your grade. 

Hey, we understand. Sometimes the first time around just didn’t go the way you wanted it to. No problem, we are here to help. Not only do we have many courses to choose from, but our educators are also some of the best. They offer one-on-one support, multiple times to meet, and engaging content. With their support and guidance and your hard work, the second time around will be more positive. 

4. You find school stressful and challenging. 

School is stressful. There are many demands on students these days and it can be challenging to keep up with it all. Taking a summer course can truly make a difference. Whether you want to have an extra spare, do exceptionally well in your other classes, have a learning disability, or have mental health challenges, we offer a learning environment that is supportive and can help you reach your goals. Ultimately, taking a summer course will allow you to approach your school year with more confidence and less stress. 

5. You want to be taught by great educators. 

The teachers at Fulford Academy are highly qualified, caring, and want you to learn. They all have training in ESL, online learning, multiple teachers have Master’s degrees, and they are all passionate about what they teach. But, we know, qualifications don’t necessarily make great teachers. What makes our teachers so great is that they offer interesting content, in a variety of ways, to your unique learning style. They care about how you are doing, what your goals are, and inspire you to reach them. Plus, they are really cool people. 

With all of these reasons in mind, we encourage you to consider join us this summer. If you’re interested in hearing more about what we offer, email:

Stay safe and well, 

Reasons for Taking a Summer Course

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