Return to School Plan – Fall 2020

Dear Fulford Academy Community, 

We are excited to welcome our students back in September and are working hard to ensure their arrival and school year is safe and healthy. 

Since we began communicating with you in March with regards to Covid-19 we have been hoping we could welcome our students back in the Fall. Now that the government of Ontario supports this decision we have been diligently planning what the arrival and return to school looks like for our students. 

The health and safety of our entire community remains our top priority. This plan has been completed by collaborating with our local health unit, with guidance from the Ministry of Health and Minister of Education. We will continue to monitor the situation and take directives from our local, provincial, and federal agencies in the coming months. We will continue to update you with our protocols and procedures as required. 

Fulford Academy’s mission and vision remain steadfast as we continue to evolve the health and safety protocols within our school. Our commitment remains to nurture and challenge our students to reach their full potential with the intention of embracing our three core values of Courage, Respect and Wisdom.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Throughout August-

  • Training for all Fulford Academy staff on health and safety protocols.

August 25

  • All students arrive in Canada and are transported to the Fulford Academy Dorm. Self-quarantine on campus begins. Students will be educated on health and safety protocols. 

September 8

  • On campus self-quarantine ends.

September 9

  • Welcome to school for all students.
  • Orientation activities, including health and safety protocols.

September 10

  •  First official day of classes.

Key Health and Safety Measurements

  • Social distancing measurements will be implemented whenever possible.
  • Mandatory face coverings for enclosed spaces does not apply to schools. While face coverings are encouraged, they will not be required in places where social distancing is possible (e.g. classrooms). 
  • When social distancing is not possible (e.g., stairwell), staff and students will wear face coverings.
  • All visitors must sanitize before entering and signing into the building and will be required to wear a face covering.
  • Additional hand washing and sanitizing stations have been placed around the school, students and staff will be reminded frequently to use them. 
  • Traffic flow patterns will be placed around the school. 
  • Our school nurse will be onsite daily and on call nightly to monitor student and staff health.
  • Students will be taught how and reminded to self-monitor for symptoms.
  • Mental health check ins will be done by Residential Staff, Advisors, Guidance Counselor, and teachers.
  • Students will be reminded of sneezing and coughing protocols.
  • All high traffic surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day.
  • Shared equipment and resources will be sanitized after each use.
  • Our kitchen staff will work closely with Public Health to ensure safe food handling practices. 

Specific Changes to School Life

  • Large group gatherings such as assemblies, will be canceled until further notice. Students will receive updates and announcements via their homeroom teacher.
  • Students will be required to eat lunch while following social distancing protocols.
  • Classrooms will be arranged to have columns of desks separated by six feet, the front of each desk will be equipped with a plexiglass divider to create a barrier between that desk and the one in front of it.
  • Common rooms will be equipped with desks and tables, rather than couches. 
  • Students’ health will be monitored daily. Students will also be required to self-monitor for symptoms. 

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health

We understand the stress that these uncertain times can bring. That is why along with the physical health of the students, we are also committed to caring for the students social, emotional and mental health as well. Here are just some of the ways we will be supporting our students:

  • Daily wellness check ins with Residential Staff, Advisors and Teachers
  • On campus medical staff 
  • On call Counsellor
  • Weekly sessions and drop in available with our Guidance Counsellor
  • A modified co-curricular program including athletics and clubs
  • Nutritious, healthy meals and snacks
  • Conversations regarding social and emotional health, including students being able to identify their own stresses

Residential Life

We are committed to providing an outstanding Residential Life experience while following government health regulations related to COVID 19. The Residential team will oversee a quarantine for all students’ initial arrival to Canada. Quarantine protocols whether on or off campus, will be fully managed by the school and closely supervised by our staff. Our local health authority will oversee our processes to ensure the use of up to date health practices while we provide for our students health and wellness during this time. 

Residential Life programming is developed with social/physical distancing at the forefront, allowing for students to keep at least two meters between them and others while removing them from crowded spaces and places.  Self-isolation & quarantine allows students to stay in isolation to prevent exposing themselves and others to COVID 19. Residential staff and students together will become well educated on our health authorities processes and procedures related to COVID 19 to help keep our community safe.  

If students are unable to travel during the Christmas Break, arrangements for accommodation will be made on an individual basis. As we continue to monitor the situation and considerations may include staying at the dorm, or arranging a homestay. We will update our community when we know more about travel restrictions and self-quarantine measures closer to the holidays. 


As always, we are committed to providing excellence in education to all of our students. We will continue to offer engaging, supportive and meaningful lessons. 

Our academics will include:

  • Class sizes will be smaller to accommodate for social distancing. 
  • Students will be placed in peer groups to minimize the amount of contact they have with one another. 
  • Students will have plexiglass dividers on desks between each other to ensure an additional layer of protection.
  • All information, assignments, and resources will be accessible online to our students.
  • All lectures will be broadcasted and recorded for students. 
  • All students will be able to access their learning regardless of travel delays or self quarantine measures. 
  • One on one tutoring and support will be provided. 
  • We will continue to provide one on one assistance to students for university planning and applications. 
  • Classes will be disinfected at the end of each period. 
  • Additional space around the school and at the dormitory will be provided to ensure that students have locations that they can rest and relax between classes while also social distancing.

Student Life 

Student life is an integral part of life at Fulford Academy. We understand how important it is to offer our students a robust and fulfilling student life program. 

  • Students will be encouraged to stay in their peer groups. 
  • Face coverings will be required for all outings outside of Fulford Academy. Social distancing measures will be followed. 
  • When possible, student activities will be outside. 
  • A complete, approved evening program will be designed to keep students engaged and socializing, all while remaining safe. 
  • Co-curriculars will be offered in the form of clubs and some athletics.
  • At this time, we will not be offering trips out of Brockville on weekends. Nor will students be allowed to sign out of Brockville in the evening. This will change once we have approval from the Leeds & Grenville Health Unit to do so.

Student Travel 

We look forward to welcoming our students back at the end of August. Students are required to submit their travel plans and bookings as soon as possible to

When travelling, we will also follow these guidelines:

  • All occupants in the vehicle will wear face coverings. 
  • The use of hand sanitizer will be required. 
  • The vehicle will be disinfected after each trip.
  • Social distancing measures will be followed as much as possible. 
  • Students will travel in their peer groups. 
  • Weather permitting, students will be encouraged to walk to and from the dorm. 

We will continue to update you with the changes to our plan as we seek guidance from health officials. We are thankful for your continued support, understanding and flexibility to Fulford Academy during these challenging times. It is your dedication and trust that make this community so strong. 


Scott Murray

Head of School

Return to School Plan – Fall 2020
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