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Life on Fulford Academy Campus

Fulford Academy's residence team is a group of dedicated individuals that ensure our students are safe, happy and healthy.

It's Not Just About Learning, Its Going to be Fun Too!

Meet Our Residence Team!

Meet the dedicated staff in ensuring that your home away from home is safe, fun and rewarding!

Devin Payne is part of the Fulford Academy staff team

Devin Payne

Assistant Head of School, Dean of Students

Email Devin

Fulford Academy Jaime Burt

Jaime Burt

Residential Life Manager

Email Jaime

Lehman, Greg

Greg Lehman

Residential Life Manager

Email Greg

Erica Ravenhorst 1

Erica Van Ravenhorst

Head Residential Advisor

Fulford Academy Lianna Quinn

Lianna Quinn

Head Residential Advisor

Amber Tat

Amber Tat

Head Residential Advisor

Fulford Academy Thompson, Chad

Chad Thompson

Residential Advisor

Fulford Academy Meaghan Stevenson

Meaghan Stevenson

Residential Advisor

Fulford Academy Residential Advisor Cris Ford

Cris Ford

Residential Advisor

Shaw, Monique

Monique Shaw

Residential Advisor

Fulford Academy Night Supervisor Alice Wang

Alice Wang

Residential Advisor

Fulford Academy Night Advisor Emmy Yanghong

Emmy Wei

Residential Advisor

Fulford Academy Jade Chen

Jade Chen

Residential Advisor

Fulford Academy Education Assistant Kirk Donovan

Kirk Donovan

Residential Advisor

The Houses of Fulford Academy

Fulford Academy prides itself on our inclusive family atmosphere and part of the way we achieve this is through our House System & our Advisor Program. Up on arrival to Fulford Academy, each student is placed into one of our Houses where they will work as a team in various challenges. Through activities, spirit days and challenges during the year, Houses will come together to actively participate and work together.

The House System strives to teach teamwork skills through engaging activities and allows for students and staff members to build relationships with each other. In the Advisor Program each student is paired with a staff member who will support them during their time here at Fulford Academy. They will have weekly meetings to touch base and get to know each other. Parents will receive updates from their child's Advisor on their report cards.

Fulford Academy Beatty House is a part of the House System at Fulford Academy

Beatty House

Fulford Academy Fraser House is a part of the House System at Fulford Academy

Fraser House

Fulford Academy Green House is a part of the House System at Fulford Academy

Green House

Fulford Academy Jones House is a part of the House System at Fulford Academy

Jones House

Sample Weekly Menu from Fulford Meal Services

Meals are fresh, healthy and tasty at Fulford Academy – here is a snapshot of a weekly meal schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast at Fulford Academy is served as a buffet, with offerings of proteins, carbohydrates, meats, fruits, dairy and beverages.
Braised Peameal Bacon
Soda Bread
BBW Baked Beans
Heritage Greens
Pasta Puttanesca
Roasted Cauliflower
Cheese & Veggie Bread

BLT Croissant
Sushi Pie
Veggie Tray

Chicken Caesar Wrap
Lattice French Fries

Sausage & Peppers
Braised Cabbage

Roast Beef
Mashed Potatoes
Magic Broccoli
Chicken Bulgogi
Steamed Bok Choy
Sticky Rice

Hoisin Glazed Pork
Mac N Cheese
Honey Carrots

Honey Siracha Salmon