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Fulford Academy - Building the circulatory system

This week's Summer School update is very Academic focused, as we have much to highlight!

Our Grade 9/10 Media Arts students have been working on a 30's film which is allowing them to prove what they've learned earlier on about using camera angles.  To continue to build their skills in film creation, each student was tasked with creating a TV commercial which featured one of their own personal favourite products! The intent of both of these projects was to become familiar with using camera angles to capture attention and focus, and the advertisement included elements of brand recognition as well as selling features.

Fulford Academy Academics - Media Arts interview Dr. Steel

Fulford Academy Grade 9 students have been working very hard with Ms. Best in Science class which has involved a very creative STEM focus. Using a project-based method of learning and a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) approach, the Gr. 9's Physics Unit has really allowed the students to combine content from each of the four streams of STEM methodology. Throughout the first two weeks of the 4-week Summer Program, the students have been/will be building roller coasters and to learn about velocity, acceleration, friction, and Newton's 3 Laws.  Be sure to check out next week's update for a more detailed overview of this project.

The Grade 10 students in Ms. Best's class are also using the same STEM approach to learn about the circulatory system.  They have built their own heart models, and some of them even got the heart to pump! Check out the pictures below!

Over the past week, Mr. Day's Science class learned the steps required to plan an experiment and write up a lab report. They first learning how to use most of their senses to observe what happens when a Mentos candy was dropped into a 2L bottle of Coca-Cola. They then leaned how to conduct research by placing several raisins into a plastic cup full of Sprite and going online to find out what exactly was happening as the raisins floated to the surface and then fell to the bottom of the cup repeatedly. The class conducted a final experiment by mixing vinegar and baking soda together and talked about how this chemical reaction could be used in their everyday lives. The students are now working on creating their own experiment for our upcoming Science Fair at the end of the summer!

Mr. Joudoin and Mr. Day hit up the links this past week, but not for your traditional game of golf.  "Foot Golf" was introduced to our students, as they travelled to a local course called Sunnidell Golf Course in Brockville.  Foot Golf is the combination of soccer and golf - basically, following the the similar rules of a standard golfing, but kicking a soccer ball into a large hole rather than using a golf club and golf ball.  The students had a great time learning this sporting combination, as you can tell from the photo below.

Fulford Academy Foot Golf

Our Writer's Craft Class returned to the library with Ms. Dowse to return their borrowed books and check out a new one. The trip also included a game of "Guess Who!" This class also enjoyed an awesome lesson prepared and delivered by Mr. Bilir (one of our BAU EBF Interns) with a focus on script writing. After learning all of the techniques and formatting, students engaged in a collaborative script using a live edit online platform. They each took their new knowledge of script writing and wrote their own short films. Their story themes ranged from western, to sci-fi to mythological and all were great!

In our Res Life department, students showed us their competitive edge as House Olympic Games began with an intense soccer match!  Houses that earned the top spots this past week were Jones, Green and Williams Houses!  To stay up to date on House standings, be sure to check out our Student Life page on our website for up-to-the-minute updates

Stay tuned for more updates as we make the most of our final two weeks together in the Summer School program - there is still much learning and fun to be had!

Fulford Academy Academics: Writer's Craft

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