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It’s time for our weekly recap and what a fun week to look back on! This week's focus is on our Student Life activities!

As you may know, this past weekend was a long weekend in Ontario, which meant that students had the benefit of no classes on Monday. So, we do what we do best when class is not in session-we explore some of Eastern Ontario's major attractions!

The weekend was full of sightseeing, water activities, and some time to shop locally. One of the trip highlights was definitely witnessing the Sound and Light show on the Ottawa Parliament Buildings. Not only did we get to visit one of Canada’s most historic and known attractions, but we experienced a show that highlighted Canada’s past through the amazing technological and artistic display of sound and light during the “Northern Lights” showcase.


Fulford Academy Ottawa Parliament 2018

As mentioned in our last post, it has been a hot summer here in Brockville, but with the advantage of living by the St. Lawrence River and the 1000 Islands, we have our ways of beating the heat. Whether it was swimming at Centeen Park, St. Lawrence Park or Lyn Pit, our students have been cooling off in all of these areas within Brockville.

The long weekend closed out with a day trip to historic Kingston, Ontario touring the downtown core. The day finished with a waterside picnic on Lake Ontario where our students took full advantage of the playground!

This past week our Summer Clubs have begun with Cooking Club and Outdoor Soccer being the highlights so far. Students in cooking club made brownies with Cris and had great conversation about favourite recipes from back home. We’ve noticed we have a competitive group on our hands when it comes to a soccer match and look forward to what the rest of the summer brings! Stay tuned for updates on our Outdoor Skills clubs as they are finalizing what skills they want to learn this summer!

If you read our post about our House System at Fulford Academy, you know about the 6 houses and the competitions & relationships that form because of it! With our new students officially settled in, it was time to capture some new House Photos and start our weekly Spirit Day activities. This past week, Fulford Academy was flooded with colour as we kicked off Spirit Days with House Colour Day. Our first official competition win was claimed by Clarence House for their speed and cooperation in the House Race! Beatty House won the title for best House photo-super creative and everyone took part!

It’s been a great week, as a fun weekend is planned for Saturday including a trip to Parc Omega. You can expect to receive another week of coverage and more academic highlights next week! For now, enjoy the photo slideshow below!

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