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Fulford Academy Summer School students visited the Brockville Public Library

Settling into Summer School 2018

Our Summer School Program students have settled into routine at Fulford Academy and have gotten off to a great start!  Throughout the Summer School Program, you will receive a newsletter from us to keep you updated with what our students have been focusing on in their studies.

First Week Highlights


As a way to get to become more familiar with Downtown Brockville, and also become knowledgeable in the resources in this city, Ms. Dowse took a group of Summer School students over to the Brockville Public Library.  This was an excellent opportunity to learn how the library can be of benefit to the students. The students began with a tour from the Librarian where students learned all about the sections and areas of the library including the VR room! After the tour, students were given a library card and had the opportunity to dive into any of the many options. Some took only seconds to find a graphic novel while others used the library search system to find a classic novel. Many backpacks were full of checked out library books and were encouraged to visit on a regular basis!

Mrs. Lahay and Ms. Demir’s class was definitely an exciting place to be over the past week as the students were taught how to make there very own pinhole cameras…check out the photos from this project below! The class has been studying photography in media arts and has been learning the history and the operation of a camera. This week, to apply what they have learned, our student teacher Elif Demir taught the class how to construct a pinhole camera (a camera obscura) using a shoebox, aluminum foil, and black paint. The cameras will take a photograph of what is placed approximately 5-10 feet in front of them. Our goal was to try to take real pictures with our homemade cameras.

Once the cameras were built, students went into a dimly lit room to try and take photographs. We found that none of us were successful in taking photos using the camera and students set out to explain why this didn’t work and how we can improve our design in order to achieve success in the future! Students gathered their ideas and suggestions on how to do things differently and will repeat the experiment next week!

Mrs. Murray’s class has been studying earthquakes and are working on learning more about volcanoes and have shown interest in learning about the volcanic eruption that is happening on the big island of Hawaii (Kilauea).


Residential Life:

All of our students at Fulford Academy are assigned a House as part of our House Program and last week, we had a chance to take some group photos! Check out our last blog post for more details about this program.

The weather in Brockville has been more hot than usual and the students have been taking advantage of being outside!  Outdoor water games over at the dorm have been a popular activity and the perfect way to get refreshed in this heat.  Our Residential Life team has been providing some very cool experiences for the students in the evenings, including an orienteering session with RA Nick, and cooking up a storm with RA Cris making brownies and Pico de Gallo in cooking club!

Fulford Academy students are active members in our community, and as such, we regularly participate as volunteers with our local Loaves and Fishes community restaurant.  Our students volunteer by serving the meals to the people eating at the restaurant and just this past week, our first group of summer school students got involved!

Upcoming Events:

  • Guest Speaker from Global TV
  • Creating GIF’s and writing “Dragon’s Den” pitches
  • Optional weekend activities: Calypso Waterpark and Ottawa Fury Soccer Game


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