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Get a Canadian Degree - from wherever you call home and prepare for studying in North America

Experience school, as if you were here

Fulford Academy 2018 Grad - JT Hudson
An inside look at Fulford Academy - a private school in Brockville Ontario Canada
Fulford Academy offers Middle School for day and international students

A quality Canadian degree - online

Easier entry to universities in Canada & USA

Possible to gain credits for university already

Start online and come over once embassies open again

For grades 6-12 and ages 11-18

Coures starting at CAD $589

A commitment to accommodating different learning styles

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Why choose Fulford for your education?

Unique Academic Approach

Fulford Academy delivers the STEM+A curriculum – leading the way for the future of education and we also offer Advanced Placement (AP) in all of our high school courses, where you can gain credits for your university studies already.

National and Global Environment

Fulford Academy accepts students from our local community, nationally, and all over the world. We foster an inclusive environment, where students can learn from each other’s culture. For boarding students, we place students from different cultures in order for them to make lasting friendships.

A Truly Canadian Experience

Whether your student is from near or far, we ensure our students experience our wonderful country whether it is through academic delivery online and - hopefully soon again - through supervised outings and cultural experiences outside of the school.

Our team is there for you and your questions

Steve Joudoin is an Admissions Officer at Fulford Academy

Steve Joudoin

Recruitment Manager

Derrick Willcott is an Enrolment Officer at Fulford Academy

Derrick Willcott

Enrolment Officer

Fulford Academy’s Commitment and Values

Fulford Academy mission


Our mission is to provide our students with the necessary skills to gain success in the Global learning environment. We will cultivate inquiring minds and develop their critical thinking ability. Our students build their sensitivity to local and Global issues through the application of scientific, technological, and cultural knowledge to real-world problems.

Fulford Academy vision for the future


In our inclusive and nurturing community, we are dedicated to the individual success of each student. A successful Fulford Academy graduate will be a leader in their future education, in their career, and in the broader community. Our graduates will be committed to promoting respect for the rights of others; they will be considerate and appreciative of human differences, and of the constructive expression of ideas.

Our commitment is to nurture and challenge our students to reach

their full potential with the intention of embracing our three

core values of Courage, Respect and Wisdom:

Courage is a part of Fulford Academy values


At the core of all of our programming, we aim to offer our students the opportunity to participate in new experiences and challenge them to step out of their comfort zone. By engaging in these types of activities, students develop a stronger sense of self-confidence and independence.

Respect is a part of Fulford Academy values


At Fulford Academy, all of our students are accepted and encouraged to share their backgrounds, values, and cultural norms. By engaging with students from diverse backgrounds, our students are provided with the opportunity to learn and develop a newfound respect for each other. This prepares all of our students to be successful within the Fulford intercultural community as well as within the global community at large.

Wisdom is a part of Fulford Academy values


In accordance to our mission, both our academic curriculum and our Residential life/student life activities aim to provide all of our students with experiences that will allow them to develop their sensitivity to today’s Global issues and encourage them to be the change in making our world a better place.