Teachers and the World of Online Learning

Online Learning

The world of online learning has been a challenging transition for our students, but also our teachers. When you pursue a career in education one of the things you look forward to the most is interacting with the students every day. This is particularly true at Fulford Academy. We keep our enrollment intentionally small so that our educators and students can get to know one another well. Our teachers are able to understand the learning styles of students, what they need to be challenged, and they can celebrate their successes together. But, what we are all missing most is the casual conversations in the hallway, sharing a laugh over lunch, and spending time with our friends. 

However, despite the challenges that have come with online learning, there have been many gains. Check out what our teachers have to say about their online learning experiences: 

“Having students online lends itself to flexibility in learning, as well as giving students a chance to explore more creative outlets in learning. It encourages students to challenge themselves, and do something they normally wouldn’t try while allowing them to be comfortable and participate at a level they choose. Whether it is an online chat about film, or a discussion about historical themes, online learning is accessible to everyone.”

Ms. MacMillan

“I am a math and science teacher and teaching these subjects online has challenged me to be innovative in the way I deliver material…Creating a rich online environment where students are challenged to solve problems and to collaborate has been a rewarding journey for me and I hope that it has created an enriching experience for my students…I have enjoyed connecting with my students as they go through the learning process offering one-on-one support through video conference. Teaching online has helped me to be more flexible and creative in my teaching and I believe that only benefits my students.”

Mrs. Murray

Teaching art online this semester has allowed my students to have an increased sense of responsibility, communication skills, and higher self-discipline. I find that it’s easier for students to ask questions in a ‘one on one’ scenario… Students are able to create videos of themselves during the creative process, and then share them with me. As well, I can share links to past works of student exemplars to help spark the creative process with students, as opposed to having to have all the physical materials on hand. Students know they can contact me any time of the day or evening if needed, as we communicate via email, chat or even video when further understanding is necessary. Ultimately, wherever my students may be studying, I feel confident that we’re always connected to each other.

Mr. Thompson

Our teachers are role models for taking risks, embracing challenges, and thinking creatively. We encourage all of our students to do the same, and we are lucky to have a faculty that has embraced this “new normal” and have continued to provide engaging content for our learners. Until we are all able to be on campus together again, we will continue to offer the best education possible for our students through online learning. 

Stay safe and well!

Teachers and the World of Online Learning
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