The Fulford Academy Experience: What Our Boarding Academy Has to Offer

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At Fulford Academy, our mission is to give students the confidence and skills to succeed in a global learning environment. As an international school in Ontario, our students come from across Canada and around the world to achieve their academic goals and prepare to enter the world with the right scientific, technological and cultural knowledge. 

It’s not just our student body that makes Fulford Academy unique but also our inclusive campus,  personalized academic approach, and comprehensive curriculum. Each of these aspects is crucial in helping our students become leaders in their future education, in their careers, and in the broader community. If this sounds like an experience for you, read on for a closer look at what to expect from an education at our boarding school. 

A Global Family Environment 

In Ontario, Canada, Fulford Academy enjoys a convenient location close to the national capital of Ottawa and a few hours from the vibrant cities of Montreal and Toronto. Our campus is home to over 28 nationalities, each bringing their own backgrounds, values, and cultural norms. 

The global community this creates at our boarding academy is one of inclusivity and respect. By engaging with people from diverse backgrounds, our students are provided with the opportunity to learn and develop an appreciation for human differences. This prepares all of our students to excel within the Fulford intercultural community and within the global community after graduation. 

Beyond the people at Fulford, a global mindset is built into the curriculum at our boarding school. Our students tackle real-world problems while building their sensitivity to local and global issues. 

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Join an inclusive international community at our private boarding school

A Unique Academic Approach

Academic programs at Fulford Academy are developed to integrate our individualized learning approach. To ensure that all students can learn effectively, we use a highly differentiated method of instruction and assessment, giving students the choice to personalize their learning activities. Students can choose from specialized academic programs, such as the Dual High School Diploma, University Prep for High School Grads, ESL Prep, and our Online Education program. When it comes to selecting the right courses for their needs and aspirations, our Guidance Officer is there to help. 

The ultimate goal of an education at our boarding preparatory school is to place students in the university of their choice. That’s why our curriculum emphasizes Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and the Arts (STEM+A). STEM + Arts is a comprehensive, integrated approach to learning which draws cross-curricular connections between major areas of study. This approach is applied across European universities, and at Fulford, we are leading the way in the future of education by offering it as the core of our curriculum. 

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Students can explore a range of personalized and comprehensive programs

Experience Residential Life at Our Private Boarding School 

The boarding experience at Fulford Academy is an exciting opportunity for even greater academic and social engagement for our students. In a small, safe, and caring community, our boarding students can connect with their peers, get involved in fun activities, and build responsible habits for their future. 

Activities include trips to nearby cities for cultural events, shopping, or sporting events. Past outings have taken our students to Canada’s Wonderland, the Montreal Biodome and Science Center, NHL Hockey Games, kayaking, and more. Not to mention, our campus has plenty of space for students to spend time with friends outdoors or play sports on the lawn in their free time. Whatever your interests and ambitions, you’ll find there’s something for everyone in the classroom, the campus, and the community at Fulford Academy. 

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The Fulford Academy Experience: What Our Boarding Academy Has to Offer
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