This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Aris Hao, China

Aris Hao

Meeting friends from around the world has been one of the best parts of Aris’s year at Fulford Academy, having joined us in summer school 2018 to prepare for her grade 12 year here.

Now graduating, Aris looks back at her Fulford year fondly, noting she has grown up since coming here as it was her first time away from home. Her greatest memory is the people she met and the important life lessons she learned living in the dorm. To her, learning to get along with other people is one of the most important things for her whole life and is something she was very conscious of in Residential Life.  She credits her mother for helping her be successful with this life skill as, from a young age, Aris was taught to be kind, always try to understand others, and to be herself.

She leaves Fulford Academy with a greater understanding of these principals, knowing she will soon be starting over when she enters McMaster University in September to study Biotechnology. This summer she looks forward to attending her hometown graduation celebration in China, visiting her Fulford friends in Japan, and buying more stylish sneakers. Beyond the books, Aris has some pretty awesome interests including old school rock music (Nirvana and Blur are her favourites!) plus Rap, R&B and scary movies.

She wants to travel the world someday, with hopes of doing a gap year in Africa saving endangered species. Aris has this message for the Class of 2019: Try something new – life is short! The world awaits you, Aris, and we know you will rock it out there, science, sneakers and all!

This is my Fulford – Graduate Spotlight: Aris Hao, China
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